What started as a means to help her son, became a way to help so many others and no one was more surprised than Giuliana at the speed with which word spread and demands for her work grew. With calls to patent her method and others beginning to copy it elsewhere, Giuliana decided to pour all her knowledge into a book, to share freely her expertise and experience in an inclusive and sharing way.

For Giuliana It is not about owning a method or controlling its use; it is about helping so many whether they simply want to help their own child or take it into their work place. At a time where “special needs” or differences are prolific, and so many people including carers and teachers are pulling their hair out in an attempt to seek help, it is important to get this method out there instead of making it exclusive or the costs prohibitive. Giuliana wants this help and knowledge freely available whether the person seeking it has a million in the bank or £10.

WHSmith Barnstaple, Devon Book signing

On Saturday 24th March 2016 I did a talk and book signing at WHSmith book signing in Barnstaple, Devon. My son Ollie accompanied me and brought along his prized fountain pen to sign copies along with me. I never forget that it is because of his bravery and openess that I was able to develop my therapy and be allowed to talk about him and our journey . I feel he has more right to sign the books than me ! He is an amazing boy !IMG_8952IMG_8951IMG_8953

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