Ever since he was tiny my youngest son has had music coursing through his veins.
He lives and breathes it.

His dreams of music production and passion for music however have been crushed and destroyed for the last two years by someone, an adult who should know better, who has negatively targeted him on a continual basis.
I have watched my son just get slowly vacuum packed and sad. He almost gave up music GCSE several times in a class that sank from 22 to just 11 students.

Many thanks to Charles’ private music teacher Phil Keenan who has re-ignited that soul flame within my boy and to Steve Felton and Nigel Heath for turning that flame into a volcano of joy,goals and hope by helping me to visit Abbey Road studios and spend some time in Studio 2 where The Beatles, Oasis and Madonna amongst hundreds of others have recorded.

Charles was so engaged and expressed himself in his beautiful unfiltered way, touching everyone around him so much that he has been invited back later this coming Summer. A wonderful Radio DJ Zoe Hart picked up on this story and has personally invited Charles up for a jamming session and to visit her studio.

No one should ever try to destroy another person,especially a young person with everything to live for.
And who has already been through so much.It’s called bullying and is never acceptable.

So get out there,fight your child’s corner, especially if they are neurodiverse and unseen – and help their dreams come true.
Impossible always equals I’m Possible.
Never stop believing.