Words cannot describe just HOW EXCITED I am to have been invited by Anna Kennedy OBE to be a speaker at Autism Expo 17th-18th July 2020 as a guest speaker! It was due to be held at Brunel University on 28th March with clinics held in the afternoon to demonstrate our work. Due to the Covid pandemic this has had to be changed to online which will be just as  wonderful with hopefully even more of you now able to attend remotely !!

I am worried that I might actually spontaneously combust before then ! I cannot WAIT to share my journey, work and message as a mother, author, specialist therapist and public speaker at such a prestigious event – but also to learn from everyone else there.

Most of all I am so looking forward to continuing to work alongside others towards getting our children seen, heard, supported and valued. Click on the image below for more information!


Here is the timetable for the two days so please book your tickets on the link below , all you lovely people !

Each speaker will speak for 45 minutes ( no mean feat for me as I have so much to explode into that time !!) with a 10 minute Q&A afterwards.

Friday 17th July                                                                         Saturday 18th July

10.30 Welcome from Anna Kennedy OBE                              10.30 welcome from Anna Kennedy OBE

10.45 Giuliana Wheater                                                              10.45 Carol Stott

11.40 Break                                                                                      11.50 Laurie Morgan

11.50 Dagmara Dimitriou                                                            13.30 Matthew and Callum Bennett

12.45 Break                                                                                     14.25 Break

13.30 Janet Willicott                                                                     14.35 Alessandra Bester

14.25 Break                                                                                      15.30 Close




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