ARTICLE for Dr Susanna Pinkus MPhil,Bed. (Hons) PhD (Cantab) June 2021

Really super chuffed to have been part of Dr Susanna Pinkus’ June 2021 published articles.

EMRACE YOUR DAILY D.O.S.E. is the title of my (very excitable article !) a proven neuroscientific piece about the power of touch, yoga, meditation and mindfulness and how we can literally take control over our own grey matter and neurological pathways, (neuroplasticity) .


I am absolutely passionate beyond ALL measure about this and seem to fill with more awe and wonder the more I learn about the body and brain !

I am addicted !!

I love sharing this knowledge and seeing the empowerment it immediately brings to all those with whom I work.

So it was a joy to me to share with someone as esteemed as Dr Pinkus.

We have followed each other’s work for years on LinkedIn, sharing a mutual huge respect, and having very similar approaches, so this has been a wonderful collaboration.



The Dr Susanna Pinkus’  articles ” span a wide range of topics, from how to navigate The Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) process, to how to build your online inclusion network, managing transitions …With top tips on how to enable inclusive practice, and more than a little help from colleagues, I hope that a sense of purpose and passion shine through. ”


To read the article please click on the link below.