Article for EXCEPTIONAL NEEDS TODAY November 2021

Just overjoyed to be invited by magazine publisher Amy KD Tobik , an award winning magazine editor,with more than 30 years of publishing experience and Editor-In Chief of “Exceptional Needs Today,to write an article about the neurological power of touch for her November 2021 issue .

After successfully producing an autism magazine for more than six years, Amy branched out to create “Exceptional Needs Today”, a publication that supports families at no cost to them.


“Exceptional Needs Today” is an innovative magazine designed to support ALL individuals in the special needs community. The publication focuses on educating and energising (two of my absolute favourite words !!) families, caregivers, educators and professionals while preparing a healthy path for the future.

Topics covered are managing diagnoses, mobility and accessibility, personal rights, educational rights, occupational therapy, resources, schools and camps, transitioning into adulthood, job opportunities, financial planning, supporting families and carers and so much more .


My article is featured in Issue No 6 so please click on the link below to read it, as well as  all the other wealth of information and advice contained within this amazing issue.