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Project Aspie – Open Space Initiative

During Lockdown, the dynamic and innovative founder of Project Aspie , Graeme Croton, kindly invited me to attend via Zoom, some of his Open Space Initiative sessions which are National Lottery  Community and Government funded .

They run every Wednesday evening from 7pm – 8pm and are literally an open space for autistic people of all ages , abilities and backgrounds to come together and discuss their challenges, the negatives, the positives as well as advice and support during lockdown and now transitioning into whatever our new “normal” will be. They are particularly crucial during this time of adapting to change, being resilient and focusing on our mental health.


The groups are open, welcoming and friendly.

I couldn’t recommend this more !!

I’ve learned as well as shared so much. It’s been a brilliant idea and so needed !

And it’s all free of charge so that anyone can access it regardless of financial circumstances.


Coming very soon I shall be offering free ten minute “bite size workshops” on various therapies for these Open Space Initiative Sessions.  I am SO looking forward to it !!!! And thrilled to have been asked. These sessions have been so helpful to people and  actually helped enormously to get them through these strange times so it’s a genuine, heartfelt honour to be invited to be a part of it.

Thank you Graeme !

Please click below to register for the sessions and to find out more about Project Aspie or simply call 0121 312 0587


Currently the Open Space Initiative are having ten minute bite sized workshops in CBT so don’t miss out !


Watch this space to find out when I will be delivering my own workshops !

Massage for Autism and ADHD – series of Zoom workshops for the IHM Community UK

It was with enormous gratitude and joy that I shared three two hour workshops on massage for autism and ADHD along with the neuroscientific proven research to the Indian Head Massage Community on 6th February, 16th February and 6th March 2021.

As a specialist member of the Panel, it was just so gorgeous to share some tips, techniques and the incredible powers of neuroplasticity as we begin to emerge out of Lockdown. I do get so carried away and we had enormous fun whilst learning and sharing some really important knowledge. We need this work out there more than ever before as mental health hits global crisis levels, not just for the neurodiverse but for the neurotypical too.


A big, warm thank you to Mary Atkinson, Co-Founder of the UK Indian Head Massage Community for so kindly facilitating this. 


What an absolutely gorgeous and phenomenal surprise to wake up this morning to the incredible and overwhelming news that I had been nominated for a Positive Role Model award at the extremely prestigious National Diversity Awards !! I don’t think I’ll ever sleep again I’m so excited !! Wow Wow Wow ….I never dreamed that anything like this could ever happen to someone like me !


Some truly inspiring and motivational people have been nominated for various awards. It’s a very humbling and amazing read. Even if I do not win, I am just so honoured to have had my name alongside theirs. Every nominee is a winner to me . What remarkable journeys and people ! I want to vote for them all !


I cannot believe that my work, message and journey have been given such value and such recognition.

I am utterly blown away and just so full of gratitude.

For so many years 18 or 19 hour days have become the norm , so much of it unpaid, as I continually campaign and fight for  all the hundreds and thousands of young people just like my own autistic son. His journey birthed this work and my destiny as I grew to realise that so,so many children were suffering and being surrounded by a total poverty of expectation, just as he was.  I would go to the ends of the Earth ( and have done at times!) for them and I will do this work until the end of my life . These incredible voices need to be heard. These neurodiverse children have so much to teach us and so much to contribute to our changing world.


If you think that what I do is of value and you would like to vote for me, I would be endlessly thankful ! Let’s hear it for the kids !!! And if I win then I will have a bigger platform fro which to get these hugely valid and important voices heard. Neurodiverse children become neurodiverse adults .. and they have SO MUCH potential !

So please vote for me and spread the word.

Thank you !!


Please click on the link below to vote in this year’s National Diversity Awards 2021




On May 6th 2021 it will be absolutely wonderful to join Anna Kennedy OBE and Kacey Ainsworth, actress and patron of Anna Kennedy Online charity, for an interview with Aston Avery, a fellow Charity Ambassador, at Gateway Radio 97.8 FM at 12 midday.

We will be discussing and raising awareness about the exciting re-vamp and Re-Launch of Take 5, the Charity’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Campaign which Anna asked me to undertake when she invited me to become the Wellbeing Ambassador. I have embraced this with immense passion and enthusiasm !



Essex Magazine Article 8 April 2021/Anna Kennedy Online Charity Ambassador

It was just so lovely when Anna Kennedy OBE sent me a copy of this article featuring her announcement of me as the Wellbeing Ambassador for her fabulous charity AnnaKennedyOnline.

I’m truly just SO proud, excited, humbled & wanting to do and learn more and more !! It’s gorgeous to be part of the AKO Family.

Please click on the link below to see the article .



It came as a bolt from the blue when on Monday (29th March – incredibly the first day of Autism Awareness Week too ! ) when Anna Kennedy OBE invited me to be the Well-Being Ambassador for her charity Anna Kennedy Online.

It is very difficult for me to cry for myself as I have had to be so strong for so long on my journey –  but I cried …absolute floods of tears !!

I am just so humbled, so full of gratitude and joy, and just thrilled and blown away to now be a part of this  welcoming, fantastic, driven, positive, motivational family. I am welling up all over again just writing this…


Needless to say I will be giving this valuable role everything I’ve got and more !

I’m actually a little bit proud of myself which is a strange but lovely feeling.

Click here to find out more .

PROJECT ASPIE “Special Open Space Initiative” 31st March 2021

I am delighted to have been invited by Graeme Croton, founder of the Aspie Project, as a special guest to take part in the “Special Open Space Initiative” Online Group Event on March 31st from 7pm-8pm GMT.


Open Space One-to-One Initiative, funded by the National Lottery Community Fund and the Government, has been helping and supporting autistic people throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been and continues to support with online One-to-One mentoring sessions and online Zoom Group sessions focusing on adapting to change during Covid-19 and autism shared lived experiences,behavioural challenges, isolation, loneliness, mental health and wellbeing, amongst a whole host of topics.


This initiative is geared towards bringing the autism community together throughout Covid-19, to support each other, gain advice, brainstorm ,share ideas and help each other. What an absolutely wonderful concept !!


On Wednesday 31st March the Open Space Initiative will be focusing on Adapting To Change during Covid-19 from an autistic perspective.

This Special Online Group Event is a build-up to celebrating World Autism Day on 2 April 2121 and Autism Awareness week.

I am SUPER PROUD to be a part of something so special and so invaluable.

To find out more click on the link below:

“Live Wires” Seminar for Bright Horizons 22 April 2021

I am absolutely delighted to have been invited as the guest panellist to the “Live Wires” seminar with Emma Willars on 22 April 2021 12.30-1.15pm GMT for  the Bright Minds’ Work & Family Event.


This webinar is about Parenting Children and Young People with Autism, ADHD and Asperger’s.

We will be chatting about balancing work and family when you have a child with special needs and I will be sharing tips, advice and experience about this as well as arming yourselves with as much SEN knowledge as possible . It will all be live, with question and answer sessions included, which I especially love because it is real, natural, direct and impactful.

The audience capacity will be up to 3000 people who I literally cannot wait to meet, share with and also learn from .


Emma has worked in Learning and Development for over 20 years. Director and lead consultant at Work Life Now, she supports employers and employees with models and solutions for better work-life integration:  creating content – facilitating virtual workshops – forwarding diversity and inclusion strategies. Emma organises 10 seminars a year for Bright Horizons Work & Family Academy which she supports by delivering events for working parents and neurodiversity. A dedicated and motivational lady who is right up my street !


Thank you for inviting me on !


Nearly £2000 raised for YoungMinds Charity !!!

An absolutely ENORMOUS,warm and heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported my charity fundraiser this year. This charity has a very deep place in my heart. Together, we raised just shy of £1,900 , with some of my friends and contacts from abroad and LinkedIn sending money direct to the charity !!!

When my older boys lost their oldest childhood friend last October,Will’s family raised money for YoungMinds as it really is a lifeline to those suffering with mental health.

I promised at that sad and traumatic time that I would do more and be more in Will’s memory, through my work with young people, so this has made my year!!



Really delighted to be invited back again onto the Bryan Leaker radio show at where I talk about all my  extensive freely shared therapy work throughout Covid and the launch of my new free online magazine Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Relaxation on 21st March 2021 !!!

The first airing of the interview will be on Tuesday 16 February and the second airing will be just after 3.30pm on Monday 22 February. Bryan deserves a medal for all the headaches I give him during interviews !! Another MBE for him perhaps ??! ……