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RADIO GATEWAY 97.8FM INTERVIEW 28th September 2023

Really, REALLY delighted to have been invited back again onto RADIO GATEWAY 97.8FM on Thursday 28th September 2023 at 11.30am GMT !

Talking “All Things Autism” with Dr Anna Kennedy OBE and Aston Avery with the focus on tips for well-being and mental health.
Looking forward to sharing with you all.


Absolutely delighted to have been invited by the prestigious International Federation of Aromatherapists to give a 2 hour webinar talk at 7pm on Wednesday 25th October 2023.

The talk will be all about Indian Head Massage and therapeutic touch to the back, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, head and face as well as ways to have fun with it and mix things up a bit so that even the touch averse and non verbal can interact and be empowered.

These techniques will also be explained and explored on a proven neuroscientific level which I always find so exciting !

I’m so looking forward to meeting everyone.

Keep an eye out here for the link to join as well as any additional information.


The EXPO is back !!!

Come and meet like-minded people, share stories, talk to an expert in one of our clinics, get answers to questions as well as support and advice, and hear some wonderful and impactful speakers.

I am super proud to be the Well Being Ambassador for this prestigious charity, this AKO family of passionate, dedicated and tireless volunteers who are determined to bring about change, understanding and belief.

The charity promotes the inclusion and equality of children and adults with an autism spectrum condition throughout society.

The incredible speakers this year include
Carrie Grant MBE a BAFTA award winning broadcaster with a TV and music career spanning 40 years.
Ben Pearson, an autistic fashion entrepreneur who recently wowed the investors of Dragon’s Den
Gemma Long of on Leading The Change
Alphonso Archer, Creative Music Leader at Venturer’s Academy since 2016 and who has Savant Syndrome

All clinics will be held during the afternoon.
I am thrilled and so chuffed to have been invited to hold my own as part of this empowering day.

So please come along and say hello !

Tickets available from the Anna Kennedy Online Charity website as well as Facebook, Twitter and linkedIn.


Saturday 25th March 2023
11am – 1pm
cost £25

Continually pouring from an empty cup ?
Feeling battle worn and depleted?
Don’t know which way to turn?
Feeling symptoms of burn-out?
Need some simple time out for YOU?

Join me, Giuliana Wheater BA Hons MCMA, multi award-winning therapist and author for a beautiful relaxing morning exploring tools and techniques to nurture YOU and keep that cup full.

Please email me if you are interested.
Limited Places available.


DELIGHTED to have been invited by Magdalena Landziak, Editor of AMYGDALA Magazine to write an article about Inclusion and what that really means if you are neurodivergent.

AMYGDALA Magazine is the first NATIONAL Magazine for Special Needs Assistants (SNA’s)
We are all in this together and it is just wonderful to be educating and
advocating in the heart of those who care for our children every day.

The February Issue covers Assistive Technology, Sign Language in a school setting, Neuroaffirmative language and the Interception Approach amongst other important topics.
This is exactly the sort of publication which should be in every school!

Click on the link below to read the first page of my article:

UK HEALTH RADIO Interview with Evalynne Charmer

I had SUCH a wonderful chat (interview sounds too formal) with the amazing Evalynne Charmer of Dip.Hyp Paediatrics, Founder and Director of Ed Elf Child Therapy Ltd and presenter of the award winning UK Health Radio.UK Health Radio

Feel like I have found a soulmate !

We discussed neurodivergence, our language around that, neurological pathways, inclusion, employability, education, resources and so much more !!

It was aired twice daily from 1 September 2022 and can be accessed through the radio , Spotify and Apple.

In the meantime please check out Evalynne’s own incredible, pioneering UK leading neurodivergent work on the links in the photos.

I already cannot wait for next time !!

DARING TO BE DIFFERENT Podcast Interview with Samantha Grierson 8 July 2022

SO SO delighted and happy to have been interviewed for such an esteemed Podcast and to have chatted with the powerhouse that is Sam Grierson.
Thank you SO much for inviting me on!!
I hope my interview brings positivity,real concrete hope to others along with the strength to never ever EVER give up or let others define you.

Daring to be Different …?
I LOVE being different!!
And am so at home with others who are!

“Daring to be different with the fabulous Giuliana Wheater, an author and multi award winning therapist working with autism, SEN and mental health.
She is the founder of Therapies For Special Needs and Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy.
She is the Wellbeing Ambassador for the international Autism charity AnnaKennedyOnline.
Her work has been recognised by the Children’s University as a Learning Destination.
Her proudest achievment is being Mum to four neurodiverse children.

We chat about the challenges of autism diagnosis in childhood, tips on navigating schools with autistic children,activism,therapies for children with special needs, The Anna Kennedy Charity, Audrey Hepburn and finding your yellow.”

Listen now on iTunes,Spotify or on the link below
Daring To Be Different Season 2 – Giuliana Wheater

Sam Grierson, Playwright, Journalist, Producer and Host of “Daring to be Different”, received a later life diagnosis of Autism and ADHD, changing the course of her life forever.
What was initially a shock becae the driving fore behind her creativity and allowed her to revive her love of writing and create content celebrating difference.
Listen and fasten your seatbelt….

This interview series involves Sam “chatting to change makers who have Dared to be Different and stand up and speak out.We discuss social change that has occurred over the last 30 years, how language has evolved and is evolving and how we still have more work to do…Actors,Singers,Members of Parliament, Artists,Authors,Activists and Entrepreneurs who all dare … Sam Grierson interviews…Daring To Be Different…

West Somerset Free Press 8th July 2022

Featured in my regional newspaper… a lovely article about my Autism Hero Award, my prolific work for autism and other neurodivergences as well as for all sorts of other people who have no voice, whether thats because of a neurodiversity or their situation.

As just a really ordinary lady who had nothing at all, I hope this article brings some real and positive light and hope.

The only time I ever answer personal questions in interviews is if I feel from my heart that it will bring choice and empowerment to those millions who feel they have none.

We all get dealt cards in life.
It is what we do with them that counts.

I am not defined by what happened to me.
I defined IT.
And you can do the same.


Tune into Women’s today at 1pm GMT or 1am GMT to hear my lovely interview with the fantastic Anna Kennedy OBE about All Things Autism ; ADHD, PDA, neurodivergence and neurodiversities and all the gorgeous deeply beneficial therapies you can share.
This interview will bring so much help and hope to those living or working with neurodivergence.
We also chat about my recent Autism Hero Award.

Thank you SO MUCH Anna for having me on the show again.
I am beyond proud to be the Wellbeing Ambassador for the charity, AnnaKennedyOnline.
I loved it !!

CMA BREAKFAST BRIEFING 8.30am Thursday June 30th 2022

For any of you early birds out there I would absolutely LOVE to see you bright and early on Thursday 30th June at 8.30am where I’ll be chatting with Jayney Goddard,Founder of the Worldwide Organisation the Complementary Medical Association, of which I am proud to be a Centre of Excellence as well as a teacher/college member for many years.

I’m SO excited and so honoured.I just cannot wait to share all I possibly can.

Enclosed below is the link to the Breakfast Briefing for any of you who missed it !
CMA Breakfast Briefing : HOW I BUILT THIS with Giuliana Wheater