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On April 25th an article I wrote about my  journey and work with my absolutely inspiring and phenomenal son with autism appeared on the website for Anna Kennedy Online !!

Anna Kennedy OBE is the founder of the charity “with a big heart , that raises autism awareness like no other mainstream charity” . She is dedicated to raising awareness about autism through her tireless work , events such as Autism’s Got Talent, her radio show as well as ceaseless campaigning  ; bringing a voice to those who so often get overlooked. She is a lady absolutely after my own heart and it is the highpoint of my work and journey so far to be given such a platform to help get these children heard and valued.

The isolation, limited expectations and lack of understanding surrounding these children and their families can often be the real disabilities. If our story can help bring solid hope and achievable inspiration to other families like ours, then this article and every minute of our journey will have served a purpose.  Children with different abilities become adults with different abilities … and different is by no means less. Far from it…

To read the article, please click here to visit the Anna Kennedy Online website.

BRAINWAVE Talk and Trainings 24 May 2019

On Friday 24th May 2019 I shall be running trainings for therapists, other professionals/staff members and parents for Brainwave Charity . This charity helps children and  young adults with disabilities/different abilities and additional needs to achieve greater independence through improving mobility, communication skills and learning potential through a range of educational and physical therapies.


The Brainwave Programme aims to develop the maximum potential of each child by taking an integrated approach to their physical and cognitive development an by aiming to enhance each child’s emotional and social intelligence/skills. One of the key successes of Brainwave is their ability to recognise the impact a child with additional needs has on their family and empowering them to deliver therapy to their child at home. Therapists are all trained in exercises, techniques and therapies to fit around the child’s day and are intended to facilitate developmental progress and improve function.


Brainwave Charity see children from all over the country in their centres and work with therapists who are drawn from the mainstream fields of physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and educational therapy. They work with the child and their family to devise a unique programme specifically designed to meet the child’s needs and encourage them to unlock their full potential.


This a charity straight after my own heart and I cannot put into words how thrilled I am to have been invited to share my trainings with them for a whole day and add my therapy to what they can offer these special children and their families. I literally cannot wait !


To listen to the interview in full, please use the audio player below. This was aired on the 16th February 2019 on BBC Somerset hosted by Simon Parkin.

As part of the Exmoor Book Festival over the weekend of 16th-17th February 2019 I shall be on the BBC Somerset Radio Saturday Breakfast Show from 8.30am!

I am so thrilled to be given such a wonderful opportunity to talk about the differently-abled children and young adults I work with and my work with mental health,which has hit crisis levels in recent years. It is such a great chance to give this very important part of our population a voice – a much needed voice. And to talk about my book and the journey it took to write of course!