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It was really lovely to be be invited as a guest onto Gordon Glenister’s Weekly Influencing Marketing podcast show at 8.30am on 19th January 2022. A whole new experience for me –  which I am always up for !

It is a very warm and friendly show where the topic changes each week and we all have a great big delicious conversation about it !People can ask questions about their own businesses and share social links so long as they have an influencer perspective.


This week was all about how to maximise Twitter and I was very happy to learn that in spite of  being self taught, I seem to have got the balance right between “educational, inspirational and entertaining” with some “controversial” thrown in too at times .

I also learned so much extra about how to maximise my twitter handle so that I can give even more to  all those I work so passionately and tirelessly for and a  bigger voice – a voice that cannot be ignored.


Gordon’s work is really valuable. It was wonderful to meet him and all the other guests taking part.

It is also so refreshing to meet others who are prepared to go that extra mile during these difficult times to share freely of their knowledge and bring people together.

Click onto the link below to see the podcast and hear some of Gordon’s fantastic advice.

GATEWAY RADIO 97.8 FM INTERVIEW Thursday 13th January 2022

Just so extraordinarily happy to have been invited back to Gateway Essex Radio 97.8 FM on Thursday 13th September 2022 from 11.30am !!

I felt a gorgeous surge of deliciousness when I picked up the email!

What a beautiful and enriching way to begin the New Year.


This time I am being interviewed by the wonderful Anna Kennedy OBE and the incredibly talented Aston Avery where I will be chatting and sharing practical ideas on therapies and well being for half an hour!!

These two are just a magic combination with Anna ,mother to two autistic sons who tirelessly raises awareness and education through her charity and Aston who is autistic and yet has bust so many myths and gone on to inspire and lead with his many gifts and talents.



Previously I have appeared on the show where I have discussed my personal journey through raising four neurodiverse children single handedly through a very abusive and controlling “marriage”. On a second occasion I was invited on to discuss the basic neuroscientific “happy hormones and coping chemicals” which we all need daily, along with how to stimulate them. This was all part of raising awareness with Anna and the actor Kacey Ainsworth about the exciting re-vamp and re-launch of the Anna Kennedy Take 5 Mental Health Campaign of which I am proudly the Charity’s Wellbeing Ambassador. On a further occasion I was interviewed by Aston and Steven Smith, celebrity hairdresser to the stars, about raising autism and mental health awareness.


This time I am just so excited because the interview will be all about freely helping as many people as I can through my various therapies and techniques.


I ended last year just listening to so many anxious, fearful, depressed and exhausted human beings who all seemed to have got to the very end of their tethers with a third year of Covid approaching.

In spite of my 18 hour average days, writing endless free articles, blogs, posts and charity work, recording weekly You Tube videos as well as updating daily FaceBook and social media groups I had set up since the start of Covid, the nagging feeling that I needed to do more, reach more people, never left me.


As many of you will know it is very difficult to get articles published or receive TV or radio interviews so I feel especially blessed by this particular invitation, most especially because I will be able to keep reaching more and more people with practical advice and techniques to ride the challenging wave we are all clinging onto. ( from matchboxes it seems at times!) I would much rather talk about my work and know I have brought practical help to people I would not have ordinarily met, than be in the spotlight myself. (unless it is to bring hope and belief.)


I will give my absolute best and my All … and I do talk an awful lot! I just LOVE what I do and making a difference.

So if you can tune in, it might be a good idea to keep a couple of paracetamol handy for afterwards !!

So see you on Gateway 97.8FM next Thursday !


AUTISM EYE 2022 Article

Yes Yes Yes !!! I,m really REALLY thrilled to be writing again for the best selling magazine Autism Eye. My article will be out early next year . I’ll keep you all posted!

I will be sharing some experiences about my story massage work with children and young adults with autism,ADHD,PDA and other neurodiversities. I shall also be talking about how my fabulous training with the wonderful Mary Atkinson and Sandra Hooper, co-founders of the Story Massage Programme has also deeply enriched my own massage work.

I shall be explaining the proven neuroscience behind therapeutic touch and story massage, particularly for our children with additional needs.


Autism Eye is a quarterly publication by award winning journalists who are also devoted parents to their son, Finn, who is autistic.Gillian Loughran and Mark Hayes are editors and writers with years of experience .

They established the publication after so many battles, spending thousands of pounds on essential therapies and educational interventions for Finn that neither the UK’s National Health Service , nor their local education authority would take responsibility for.

They fought epic battles through Special Needs Tribunals , all of which they won. They even went all the way to High Court to obtain the appropriate education for their son.

The Health Authority was totally ignorant about autism and refused to help.


Sound familiar ???


Autism Eye magazine provides in-depth, useful information for parents and professionals focusing on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), including Aspergers Syndrome/High functioning autism, PDA and ADHD .

With the burden often left entirely to parents who desperately need support, Autism Eye keeps everyone current with the latest research, that could have a positive impact on a child’s life.

It aims to change the scenario by keeping people informed about the best treatments for their child – and to help them avoid the worst.


It is also packed with information about fighting the education system and helping to get it changed.

They also provide an Education and Support Finder.


There is just so much that parents and professionals can do to improve the lives of autistic children and young adults.

I am SUPER proud and very honoured indeed to be a small part of that.


Please check out this top selling publication for yourselves if you are not already familiar with it.


Just absolutely delighted to have been given this Contributor’s Award for having written for the absolutely inspiring and gold medal award winning Exceptional Needs magazine, published by Lone Heron Publishing.


My article about the scientifically proven power of touch for the neurodiverse ,along with tips and techniques, appears in this free online magazine which is filled with over 25 articles including insightful and very helpful pieces written by Dr Temple Grandin and Dr Debra Moore.  I am doubly thrilled and honoured to be featured alongside such esteemed and respected contributors whose work I have followed and respected for many years.


This FREE online magazine is packed to BURSTING with tips, advice and resources, not just for the neurodiverse but for families, teachers, doctors, therapists and educators too.


Please click on the link below to view my article which appears in Issue 6 and please FREELY subscribe. I already have – and it is just so full of support, knowledge, ideas and belief. It helps reduce those terrible feelings that those of us with neurodiverse families can so often feel. And please share with anyone to whom you feel it would be a great tool moving forwards! I am so proud to be a part of something so inclusive, positive, powerful and useful !

Thank you Amy Tobik, Editor, for inviting me on board !

FOUNDERS 4 Schools AWARD November 2021

 I was so thrilled to be sent this Role Model Badge by the charity Founders 4 Schools which I can now use freely on my website and all social media. It was awarded for all my work within schools, particularly those in deprived areas.


Having a positive role model is 1 of the 8 building blocks of resilience.


Often where I go there is such a lack of expectation,ambition and belief. So I take my own very real and often relatable life cards such as fighting for my autistic son as well as surviving horrendous levels of domestic abuse and I share what is needed to show that WHOEVER you are and WHATEVER your label, you are worthy and deserve a seat at the table; to be included and to  have opportunities.


I am a very ordinary woman who BELIEVED and who made a life and a career.


This work is all voluntary.

But if you can sow the seeds of hope and possibility in just one young adult, it is worth all the riches in the world.


So if you have something to offer and can give of your time to such a wonderful cause , to help shape the future world we will leave behind, please contact Founders 4 Schools to help bridge the gap between education and employment, REGARDLESS of background or neurodiversity.


Our young people have never needed us more.



What a night !! Some absolute stars in the making ….

Happy Tenth birthday !!

I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder to be part of something so infinitely special.

Each show seems to get better and better , with many of the performers going on to get spotted or signed up by producers, people from the music industry or theatre.

This first part of the roadshow hosted by the incredible Phil Barnett of Kidz R Us , based at the St Ives Theatre in Cornwall, on 2 October 2021 was an absolute roof raiser.

These adults do all their work on  purely voluntary basis because like me, they BELIEVE !!!

They scoop up all that potential, grow “deficits” and “disorders (which are actually just differences – and often positive differences at that ) into the most unimagineable gifts, strengths and talent like you wouldn’t believe .


No one can buy ANY tissues from St Ives right now …Sorry, its all my fault.


I was not only there as a bursting with pride ambassador for AnnaKennedyOnline but to support one of the acts, Lauren Lovejoy, who has not only had to fight through the challenges that autism can bring but she has also survived the most horrific bullying. Her voice lifted the roof and I even had goose bumps in my hair. Her powerful deep soul voice NEEDS to be heard worldwide.

Kieron Lee was another young adult who has overcome so much and despite his huge nerves, his voice raised people to their feet and his delivery was as if he was born to perform on stage. I know he will go far. I feel it with my everything.


Jessi Kay at just 17 , and performing for the first time , was just a knock out, with the voice of angel.


Aston Avery, a previous winner of the National Diversity Awards, host of his own radio show, who daily busts the myths and ignorance  surrounding autism not only sang but treated us all to yet another gift … tap-dancing !!


I could go on and on …..


The next show is at The Mermaid theatre in London on 16th October 2021.

For any of you who are neurodiverse, ,for any teachers, doctors, therapists, or any other professionals as well as families who feel they have no hope, PLEASE GO AND SEE WHAT YOUR CHILDREN ARE CAPABLE OF !!


It is not just a show – it’s an education. I wish all teachers could go along as part of their teacher training. We need a chat Boris Johnson…..


Not everyone has a superpower , even neurotypical people. But we all have something that we are good at, something which lights us up and helps us to sing our songs.


Our special kids have SO MUCH to offer, They are different but never ever less. Once you take the time to tap into their gifts and strengths, which we all have inside us regardless of labels or challenges ,that”deficit”, that “disorder”, that “disability” becomes a different and powerful strength.


One young lad, Tarrin, who is absolutely misunderstood at school, has found his place, his family, in the theatre with Phil at Kidz R Us . When he came on stage to do his solo performance , he had to stand and look back at his name in lights behind him in disbelief and he just kept saying ” That’s ME !! Thats my name !!” Every single child and young adult there who knew him just began stomping their feet and clapping in unison, yelling “Tarrin ! Tarrin ! Tarrin ! ”

That powerful , united energy of children supporting children, believing in each other, being accepted and finding where they belong, was so unbelievably moving.

At the end of Tarrin’s performance, Phil was just shaking his head and saying “If only your teachers could see you now” as Tarrin had said that at school “no-one understands me”.

That for me said it all.


Studio 4, a choreographer dance group just stunned everybody with their absolutely powerful and flawless contemporary dance routines which covered really current issues including the recent high school shootings in America. This inspirational and inclusive group fully embrace and grow children and young adults with neurodiversities.

Again, this is one adult believing in them … and as I’ve often said, it only takes one adult, one pebble on the path of life, to change the whole future for a child.


I was also called – much to my surprise and shock ( I actually asked Phil if I’d done something wrong !!!!) to talk about my therapy work with children, as I had had the most immense honour of meeting the children backstage before the show to talk them through some calming but focusing therapy techniques (which I wasn’t expecting either ) and which completely made my night.

I must admit I felt like a bit of a fraud on the stage because I was just so blown away by all of the tremendous performers who have all survived such odds and adversity,prejudice and misunderstanding,. I was shrinking up there to m make myself as small as possible . But I was very touched and felt so valued…something I never think about .


A community that doesn’t include EVERYONE is no community at all.

Neurodiverse children grow into neurodiverse adults and they have a right to be included, to have a place at the table, to be heard and to offer gifts that are often outside of that mainstream beige box…gifts which are phenomenal and help to move our world forward.

I will be forever grateful to be a part of that and will advocate and educate until my very last breath .

If yoou missed this show you can catch up with it on Tony Mason’s Youtube channel below:



SO HAPPY !!! My breakfast show interview with BBC Radio Somerset goes out Wednesday 8th September 2021 !!

I’ll be on from 7.45am !

A HUGE thank you to Jack and Clare for inviting me .


I’ll discuss my personal journey with autism and neurodiversity, fighting for my autistic son against seemingly impossible odds, setting up a business and writing a book,  all against a background of domestic abuse.

I’ll also be talking about my shortlisting as a role model for the National Diversity Awards 2021 out of a staggering 55,000 nominees ! ( I still can’t quite absorb it …..)

Hope you can tune in !!

Here is the link for anyone who missed it but who would like to catch up. This link will remain for 29 days.

Thank you for all your continued support!



HUGELY honoured to be invited to write an article about my life’s journey, my autistic son, inventing and establishing a new job sharing tailored and refined therapies for children and young adults on the autism spectrum and with other neurodiversities for this highly respected and impactful magazine. I have longed to be in it for literally nine years !!  It is an absolute privilege.


I will be writing about setting up my business helping others whilst undergoing many dark years of domestic abuse, for which my ex husband served time, finding ways to help my son grow to his full potential in the meantime, doing everything I possibly could to fight for him and help him, whilst taking this work into schools, charities, specialist academies,teacher trainings and to people of all ages and abilities all over the world as well as getting a book deal to share my work on a global level. This along with my extensive public speaking record, most of which I have done for free just because I BELIEVE in our children, want to help raise awareness and bring true education to others. My life has happened for a reason.


I have also been invited to write about my shortlisting as a role model, out of 55,000 nominees, for the National Diversity Awards 2021. This part I still find incredible !


Never ever did I dream for one second that an ordinary woman like me , just using her life cards to build something positive ,would ever be living the life I live now. I just want to reach as many people as I can, to bring solutions, CHOICE, hope, empowerment and potential .

I am so full of gratitude.


My article in the Jan/Feb 2022 issue will be included under “Heath and Wellbeing and I will be discussing the enormous neuroscientific benefits of touch .

I couldn’t be prouder to be included !

SEN magazine has been a wealth of help and information to me both personally and professionally for YEARS so I am just SO excited to be actually featured in it.

Thank you to Denise Williams and Steve Muddiman ,Editor, for such a wonderful opportunity. I will do you proud, I promise.


The link to the article will be posted once it is published.

In the meantime for any of you who are not already very familiar with this highly respected and popular publication, please check out the powerful work SEN magazine does by clicking the link below .


http://SEN – home • SEN Magazine

Summer School Wellbeing Sessions for The West Somerset Academies Trust

It was so exciting, rewarding and humbling to  have been invited to run therapy/wellbeing sessions for the Free Summer school holiday activities for The West Somerset Academies Trust. I was absolutely over the moon !!


It was so delightful, joyous and fulfilling to share so many self help “superpower” tools and techniques along with some science and tonnes of fun with all the children,aged 9-13,many of whom had different abilities, SEN, challenges or whose families are below the breadline. Some children were there because their parents/carers had to work.


Everyone got involved, including staff, which was just so lovely and heartwarming . I left lots of Positive Growth Mindset activities and resources behind too for teachers to use in I.E and detentions as a positive way to manage anger, emotions and emotional/social intelligence in addition to some of the self regulation tools we shared during the live sessions.


It is a dream come true for me to see my work spreading to just so many schools now, helping both students and teachers alike. I really hope the children enjoyed it all as much as I did ( they were quite impressed with my headstands !) and that they’ll take what they shared with me back to school in September to build a more inclusive, motivated ,calmer and more emotionally intelligent classroom environment.

It was heart lifting to help both students and teachers alike and to see the bonds grow.

Lots of laughter had by all … pure serotonin !

It’s what I work so hard and so tirelessly for. So happy !!




Following the wonderful workshop I freely shared with the amazingly hardworking Autism Family Support Group , the lovely founder, Josie Ortiz , has asked me back to do a second workshop. I had so much to share and got so excited that we ran out of time !  What fun and laughter we had whilst learning and sharing so much about the neuroscientific benefits of touch for autistic children and their families . I honestly had a ball !!


Josie kindly shared with me some really super positive and excited feedback following my workshop so I am delighted to be sharing Part Two on the 6th October 2021 at 1.30pm GMT.

Once agin this workshop is totally free.

To reserve your places please just go to the FB page of Autism Family Support Group.

See you there !!


I absolutely LOVE this work !!!!  It makes my heart FILL to help, to reach out, and to empower people through laughter and passion whilst sharing neural dynamite !