World Autism Acceptance Day was spent with AnaKennedyOnline Autism Charity, Born Anxious models and Merlin’s Magic Wand at Madam Tussaud’s in central London this year.
I took along my youngest son Charles because I adore involving my family in my passionate work and bringing them up to never stop believing that anything is possible, and to live fully inclusive lives.

Once again, the Born Anxious children and adults, many of whom are Anna Kennedy Online ambassadors just like myself,hit the catwalk once again.
I even had a little go on the runway thanks to the help of my dear friend, partner in crime and fellow ambassador Jo Wiggins Anand.
Think my son may have left his imprint in the wall he was trying to squash himself into with embarrassment !!

Huge fun was had by all and it was a beautiful way to celebrate Autism as well as to raise awareness and acceptance.

We still have such a long,long way to go however and I would love to re-name this day Autism Education Day because accceptance feels like paying lip service to a condition that lasts a lifetime and not simply a day.
Luckily I have a long life to keep shouting from the rooftops along with many others until true education and support happens so that ALL our children and young adults can reach their full potential.