I was really delighted to have been invited for an interview with Maisie Moore of the  Autism & Us Podcast just before lockdown.

The episode is all about “Love and Hope” . I had no idea of the questions that Maisie would ask me –  which I absolutely love and prefer because it’s so much more natural and cosy !It’s the first interview I’ve ever had where I was asked about my own life from childhood onwards. So much was revealed to me during that discussion, perhaps because I spend so much of my time in the layers of so many other people’s lives ! My own neurodiversity was unpeeled whilst I recognised and acknowledged so much that has happened in my own rather extraordinary life. The roots of why I do my work and why I have such tremendous passion for it, such a diving force of absolute belief, became evident to me as Maisie asked her questions.

I also discussed my journey with my autistic son , from birth right up to today, which was quite tough and emotional but also incredibly uplifting as I recalled those chapters. I am even more full of admiration for my son than ever before ! I talked about his severe bullying, the continual fight, my unswerving belief and the incredible support of my other three children.

Some listeners may find parts of my interview upsetting or triggering as I also openly spoke about the domestic abuse we all as a family endured, the continual background of fear , manipulation, cruelty, neglect, abandonment and violence in a home that had also been filled with spyware and cameras.

It was completely gorgeous to chat with Maisie about the passionate work and advocacy I do now.

I realised as we chatted that it is almost as if I was born to do this work ; that my life cards, although hard at times , were all building blocks, steps on a pathway, chapters to be walked through and learned from , so that I could have the heart wisdom as well as the cognitive knowledge to help those who don’t have a voice today.

This is work I will never retire from, work I shall never stop doing until laws change, attitudes change and real education about neurodiversity happens.

I’ve got all the energy in the world !!!

Thank you Maisie for inviting me, for your amazing and insightful questions , and for all the wonderful work that you do.

You are one incredible lady and powerful advocate for autism .

Please click on the link below to hear the interview.