What a night !! Some absolute stars in the making ….

Happy Tenth birthday !!

I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder to be part of something so infinitely special.

Each show seems to get better and better , with many of the performers going on to get spotted or signed up by producers, people from the music industry or theatre.

This first part of the roadshow hosted by the incredible Phil Barnett of Kidz R Us , based at the St Ives Theatre in Cornwall, on 2 October 2021 was an absolute roof raiser.

These adults do all their work on  purely voluntary basis because like me, they BELIEVE !!!

They scoop up all that potential, grow “deficits” and “disorders (which are actually just differences – and often positive differences at that ) into the most unimagineable gifts, strengths and talent like you wouldn’t believe .


No one can buy ANY tissues from St Ives right now …Sorry, its all my fault.


I was not only there as a bursting with pride ambassador for AnnaKennedyOnline but to support one of the acts, Lauren Lovejoy, who has not only had to fight through the challenges that autism can bring but she has also survived the most horrific bullying. Her voice lifted the roof and I even had goose bumps in my hair. Her powerful deep soul voice NEEDS to be heard worldwide.

Kieron Lee was another young adult who has overcome so much and despite his huge nerves, his voice raised people to their feet and his delivery was as if he was born to perform on stage. I know he will go far. I feel it with my everything.


Jessi Kay at just 17 , and performing for the first time , was just a knock out, with the voice of angel.


Aston Avery, a previous winner of the National Diversity Awards, host of his own radio show, who daily busts the myths and ignorance  surrounding autism not only sang but treated us all to yet another gift … tap-dancing !!


I could go on and on …..


The next show is at The Mermaid theatre in London on 16th October 2021.

For any of you who are neurodiverse, ,for any teachers, doctors, therapists, or any other professionals as well as families who feel they have no hope, PLEASE GO AND SEE WHAT YOUR CHILDREN ARE CAPABLE OF !!


It is not just a show – it’s an education. I wish all teachers could go along as part of their teacher training. We need a chat Boris Johnson…..


Not everyone has a superpower , even neurotypical people. But we all have something that we are good at, something which lights us up and helps us to sing our songs.


Our special kids have SO MUCH to offer, They are different but never ever less. Once you take the time to tap into their gifts and strengths, which we all have inside us regardless of labels or challenges ,that”deficit”, that “disorder”, that “disability” becomes a different and powerful strength.


One young lad, Tarrin, who is absolutely misunderstood at school, has found his place, his family, in the theatre with Phil at Kidz R Us . When he came on stage to do his solo performance , he had to stand and look back at his name in lights behind him in disbelief and he just kept saying ” That’s ME !! Thats my name !!” Every single child and young adult there who knew him just began stomping their feet and clapping in unison, yelling “Tarrin ! Tarrin ! Tarrin ! ”

That powerful , united energy of children supporting children, believing in each other, being accepted and finding where they belong, was so unbelievably moving.

At the end of Tarrin’s performance, Phil was just shaking his head and saying “If only your teachers could see you now” as Tarrin had said that at school “no-one understands me”.

That for me said it all.


Studio 4, a choreographer dance group just stunned everybody with their absolutely powerful and flawless contemporary dance routines which covered really current issues including the recent high school shootings in America. This inspirational and inclusive group fully embrace and grow children and young adults with neurodiversities.

Again, this is one adult believing in them … and as I’ve often said, it only takes one adult, one pebble on the path of life, to change the whole future for a child.


I was also called – much to my surprise and shock ( I actually asked Phil if I’d done something wrong !!!!) to talk about my therapy work with children, as I had had the most immense honour of meeting the children backstage before the show to talk them through some calming but focusing therapy techniques (which I wasn’t expecting either ) and which completely made my night.

I must admit I felt like a bit of a fraud on the stage because I was just so blown away by all of the tremendous performers who have all survived such odds and adversity,prejudice and misunderstanding,. I was shrinking up there to m make myself as small as possible . But I was very touched and felt so valued…something I never think about .


A community that doesn’t include EVERYONE is no community at all.

Neurodiverse children grow into neurodiverse adults and they have a right to be included, to have a place at the table, to be heard and to offer gifts that are often outside of that mainstream beige box…gifts which are phenomenal and help to move our world forward.

I will be forever grateful to be a part of that and will advocate and educate until my very last breath .

If yoou missed this show you can catch up with it on Tony Mason’s Youtube channel below: