Award Presentation July 17th 2015

At the Foxes Graduation on 17th July 2015 I was presented with the Community Award !!!!


This is an award given to one member of staff or the wider community – by the learners. It was apparently voted for months ago, long before the fundraising.I was told afterwards that the vote had been unanimous – goodness.


I was informed beforehand that I had a named chair and I thought it was because I am now officially on the therapy team at Foxes Academy but when I arrived, the therapy team were nowhere near me. I then panicked thinking there had been a mistake or that it was the naughty chair or that I was suddenly going to have gunk emptied out of the ceiling onto my head.


I was called up onto the stage , shaking like a leaf, to have two of my gorgeous learners bravely read out little speeches they had prepared saying why they had all chosen me for this award. They said some beautiful , touching things and I could hardly see because I was choking back the tears.


I shall treasure this award always. It has gone up on a wall in my therapy/training chalet. It’s the only certificate I’ve ever received that I have put out on display. Even my degree and qualifications have never seen the light of day.


This award is different because it wasn’t something I had any control over. You can achieve anything if you are determined enough and work hard enough- but this was something chosen for me by others and totally unexpected. I kept feeling like I needed to check they had got it right !


It is worth more to me than all of my qualifications  put together . It floated in and out of my dreams all that night .I just hope I didn’t upset anyone in being given this because I know so many people quietly and silently give so much to our learners at Foxes Academy and I am sure there are several who deserved this award jut as much or more.


Thank you to my beautiful, inspirational learners . You have made my YEAR !!

You are all incredible and I brought three of my four children with me just to see how much you all achieve, sometimes against all the odds. To watch you all collect your certificates and NVQs and other awards is always a very moving and humbling experience. You are all proof that anything is possible .
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