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Giuliana also writes blogs for I Care 4 Autism and Different Brains on a regular basis.


Just absolutely delighted to have been given this Contributor’s Award for having written for the absolutely inspiring and gold medal award winning Exceptional Needs magazine, published by Lone Heron Publishing.


My article about the scientifically proven power of touch for the neurodiverse ,along with tips and techniques, appears in this free online magazine which is filled with over 25 articles including insightful and very helpful pieces written by Dr Temple Grandin and Dr Debra Moore.  I am doubly thrilled and honoured to be featured alongside such esteemed and respected contributors whose work I have followed and respected for many years.


This FREE online magazine is packed to BURSTING with tips, advice and resources, not just for the neurodiverse but for families, teachers, doctors, therapists and educators too.


Please click on the link below to view my article which appears in Issue 6 and please FREELY subscribe. I already have – and it is just so full of support, knowledge, ideas and belief. It helps reduce those terrible feelings that those of us with neurodiverse families can so often feel. And please share with anyone to whom you feel it would be a great tool moving forwards! I am so proud to be a part of something so inclusive, positive, powerful and useful !

Thank you Amy Tobik, Editor, for inviting me on board !

FOUNDERS 4 Schools AWARD November 2021

 I was so thrilled to be sent this Role Model Badge by the charity Founders 4 Schools which I can now use freely on my website and all social media. It was awarded for all my work within schools, particularly those in deprived areas.


Having a positive role model is 1 of the 8 building blocks of resilience.


Often where I go there is such a lack of expectation,ambition and belief. So I take my own very real and often relatable life cards such as fighting for my autistic son as well as surviving horrendous levels of domestic abuse and I share what is needed to show that WHOEVER you are and WHATEVER your label, you are worthy and deserve a seat at the table; to be included and to  have opportunities.


I am a very ordinary woman who BELIEVED and who made a life and a career.


This work is all voluntary.

But if you can sow the seeds of hope and possibility in just one young adult, it is worth all the riches in the world.


So if you have something to offer and can give of your time to such a wonderful cause , to help shape the future world we will leave behind, please contact Founders 4 Schools to help bridge the gap between education and employment, REGARDLESS of background or neurodiversity.


Our young people have never needed us more.



What a night !! Some absolute stars in the making ….

Happy Tenth birthday !!

I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder to be part of something so infinitely special.

Each show seems to get better and better , with many of the performers going on to get spotted or signed up by producers, people from the music industry or theatre.

This first part of the roadshow hosted by the incredible Phil Barnett of Kidz R Us , based at the St Ives Theatre in Cornwall, on 2 October 2021 was an absolute roof raiser.

These adults do all their work on  purely voluntary basis because like me, they BELIEVE !!!

They scoop up all that potential, grow “deficits” and “disorders (which are actually just differences – and often positive differences at that ) into the most unimagineable gifts, strengths and talent like you wouldn’t believe .


No one can buy ANY tissues from St Ives right now …Sorry, its all my fault.


I was not only there as a bursting with pride ambassador for AnnaKennedyOnline but to support one of the acts, Lauren Lovejoy, who has not only had to fight through the challenges that autism can bring but she has also survived the most horrific bullying. Her voice lifted the roof and I even had goose bumps in my hair. Her powerful deep soul voice NEEDS to be heard worldwide.

Kieron Lee was another young adult who has overcome so much and despite his huge nerves, his voice raised people to their feet and his delivery was as if he was born to perform on stage. I know he will go far. I feel it with my everything.


Jessi Kay at just 17 , and performing for the first time , was just a knock out, with the voice of angel.


Aston Avery, a previous winner of the National Diversity Awards, host of his own radio show, who daily busts the myths and ignorance  surrounding autism not only sang but treated us all to yet another gift … tap-dancing !!


I could go on and on …..


The next show is at The Mermaid theatre in London on 16th October 2021.

For any of you who are neurodiverse, ,for any teachers, doctors, therapists, or any other professionals as well as families who feel they have no hope, PLEASE GO AND SEE WHAT YOUR CHILDREN ARE CAPABLE OF !!


It is not just a show – it’s an education. I wish all teachers could go along as part of their teacher training. We need a chat Boris Johnson…..


Not everyone has a superpower , even neurotypical people. But we all have something that we are good at, something which lights us up and helps us to sing our songs.


Our special kids have SO MUCH to offer, They are different but never ever less. Once you take the time to tap into their gifts and strengths, which we all have inside us regardless of labels or challenges ,that”deficit”, that “disorder”, that “disability” becomes a different and powerful strength.


One young lad, Tarrin, who is absolutely misunderstood at school, has found his place, his family, in the theatre with Phil at Kidz R Us . When he came on stage to do his solo performance , he had to stand and look back at his name in lights behind him in disbelief and he just kept saying ” That’s ME !! Thats my name !!” Every single child and young adult there who knew him just began stomping their feet and clapping in unison, yelling “Tarrin ! Tarrin ! Tarrin ! ”

That powerful , united energy of children supporting children, believing in each other, being accepted and finding where they belong, was so unbelievably moving.

At the end of Tarrin’s performance, Phil was just shaking his head and saying “If only your teachers could see you now” as Tarrin had said that at school “no-one understands me”.

That for me said it all.


Studio 4, a choreographer dance group just stunned everybody with their absolutely powerful and flawless contemporary dance routines which covered really current issues including the recent high school shootings in America. This inspirational and inclusive group fully embrace and grow children and young adults with neurodiversities.

Again, this is one adult believing in them … and as I’ve often said, it only takes one adult, one pebble on the path of life, to change the whole future for a child.


I was also called – much to my surprise and shock ( I actually asked Phil if I’d done something wrong !!!!) to talk about my therapy work with children, as I had had the most immense honour of meeting the children backstage before the show to talk them through some calming but focusing therapy techniques (which I wasn’t expecting either ) and which completely made my night.

I must admit I felt like a bit of a fraud on the stage because I was just so blown away by all of the tremendous performers who have all survived such odds and adversity,prejudice and misunderstanding,. I was shrinking up there to m make myself as small as possible . But I was very touched and felt so valued…something I never think about .


A community that doesn’t include EVERYONE is no community at all.

Neurodiverse children grow into neurodiverse adults and they have a right to be included, to have a place at the table, to be heard and to offer gifts that are often outside of that mainstream beige box…gifts which are phenomenal and help to move our world forward.

I will be forever grateful to be a part of that and will advocate and educate until my very last breath .

If yoou missed this show you can catch up with it on Tony Mason’s Youtube channel below:


Summer School Wellbeing Sessions for The West Somerset Academies Trust

It was so exciting, rewarding and humbling to  have been invited to run therapy/wellbeing sessions for the Free Summer school holiday activities for The West Somerset Academies Trust. I was absolutely over the moon !!


It was so delightful, joyous and fulfilling to share so many self help “superpower” tools and techniques along with some science and tonnes of fun with all the children,aged 9-13,many of whom had different abilities, SEN, challenges or whose families are below the breadline. Some children were there because their parents/carers had to work.


Everyone got involved, including staff, which was just so lovely and heartwarming . I left lots of Positive Growth Mindset activities and resources behind too for teachers to use in I.E and detentions as a positive way to manage anger, emotions and emotional/social intelligence in addition to some of the self regulation tools we shared during the live sessions.


It is a dream come true for me to see my work spreading to just so many schools now, helping both students and teachers alike. I really hope the children enjoyed it all as much as I did ( they were quite impressed with my headstands !) and that they’ll take what they shared with me back to school in September to build a more inclusive, motivated ,calmer and more emotionally intelligent classroom environment.

It was heart lifting to help both students and teachers alike and to see the bonds grow.

Lots of laughter had by all … pure serotonin !

It’s what I work so hard and so tirelessly for. So happy !!




Oh wow… I don’t know where to begin.

This whole week has been like walking through a dream. Nothing feels real …

Please, please don’t think I am boasting or showing off in any way because that’s not who I am . I’m just all about family and the beautiful, awesome kids and young adults I devote my life to.

For the first time in my entire adult life I feel seen and I’ve just cried bucket loads …it is such a strange and unbelievably gorgeous feeling.

I see so , SO much in others and do this work with all my heart and soul, just wanting to make a difference for children who have such difficulty in being seen, heard, having a value or belonging .








Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of you who voted for me and believe in that I do.

Thank you to all of you who have been milestones on my journey and to those of you who walked beside me when I jumped off that cliff with nothing but faith , terror , desperation, a bit of tenacity and £50 in my pocket.

My heart could burst with gratitude !

Thank you ALWAYS to Tess Eagle Swan for so kindly nominating me in the first place. Her own work with her incredible therapy dog, Kratu, is phenomenal , as is her amazing journey.

By nominating me, Tess has changed my life. My soul feels like it has somehow shifted. I have been invisible for  over two decades and she has changed that : I feel a little bit worthy – and worthwhile – for the first time.

Out of over 50,000 nominees ….how ?!?

I had to call the National Diversity Awards because I was so worried there had been a mistake and I didn’t want to post anything until I was absolutely sure.

All I hope is that this gives me a greater platform from which to fight for all these children.

I feel like a Mum to millions !!!

After my long, long and extraordinary journey, this feels beyond belief …


Click on the link below to see the shortlist, read about some truly inspirational people and to book tickets for the event which will be held at the Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool on 4th February 2022.




Work Experience Student

What an honour to be asked by Ebony Jewel ,who is currently in her third year at Aberystwyth University in Wales , if she could do her work experience with me. Ebony is reading Psychology and is in the process of writing her final dissertation. I have shared work experience with lots of students from various schools  but this is my first university student. And the first time I have shared with a work experience student during a pandemic!

But in my determined world there is ALWAYS a way !


Even though we are still transitioning through Covid and many of my sessions are private , Ebony is still able to attend my outdoor Rainbow Kids group  sessions and all of my online workshops for free.

She is so alive and passionate and nerdy like me about all the incredible neuroscience that goes on behind my therapies that she is just a joy to share with. I was really chuffed too that she has learned information from me that she has not explored or been taught , so it is all adding to what she can bring to an extremely bright future .

I’m so taken by her crazy passion which completely mirrors my own that I am also training her up in all my therapies for free because it will really add to her understanding, knowledge and experience.

I just adore sharing with young people, seeing them find their songs and their gifts and doing everything I POSSIBLY can to help them grow to their fullest potential and SHINE like the stars they are !!

I am a very blessed and lucky lady .


What an absolutely gorgeous and phenomenal surprise to wake up this morning to the incredible and overwhelming news that I had been nominated for a Positive Role Model award at the extremely prestigious National Diversity Awards !! I don’t think I’ll ever sleep again I’m so excited !! Wow Wow Wow ….I never dreamed that anything like this could ever happen to someone like me !


Some truly inspiring and motivational people have been nominated for various awards. It’s a very humbling and amazing read. Even if I do not win, I am just so honoured to have had my name alongside theirs. Every nominee is a winner to me . What remarkable journeys and people ! I want to vote for them all !


I cannot believe that my work, message and journey have been given such value and such recognition.

I am utterly blown away and just so full of gratitude.

For so many years 18 or 19 hour days have become the norm , so much of it unpaid, as I continually campaign and fight for  all the hundreds and thousands of young people just like my own autistic son. His journey birthed this work and my destiny as I grew to realise that so,so many children were suffering and being surrounded by a total poverty of expectation, just as he was.  I would go to the ends of the Earth ( and have done at times!) for them and I will do this work until the end of my life . These incredible voices need to be heard. These neurodiverse children have so much to teach us and so much to contribute to our changing world.


If you think that what I do is of value and you would like to vote for me, I would be endlessly thankful ! Let’s hear it for the kids !!! And if I win then I will have a bigger platform fro which to get these hugely valid and important voices heard. Neurodiverse children become neurodiverse adults .. and they have SO MUCH potential !

So please vote for me and spread the word.

Thank you !!


Please click on the link below to vote in this year’s National Diversity Awards 2021




It came as a bolt from the blue when on Monday (29th March – incredibly the first day of Autism Awareness Week too ! ) when Anna Kennedy OBE invited me to be the Well-Being Ambassador for her charity Anna Kennedy Online.

It is very difficult for me to cry for myself as I have had to be so strong for so long on my journey –  but I cried …absolute floods of tears !!

I am just so humbled, so full of gratitude and joy, and just thrilled and blown away to now be a part of this  welcoming, fantastic, driven, positive, motivational family. I am welling up all over again just writing this…


Needless to say I will be giving this valuable role everything I’ve got and more !

I’m actually a little bit proud of myself which is a strange but lovely feeling.

Click here to find out more .

Nearly £2000 raised for YoungMinds Charity !!!

An absolutely ENORMOUS,warm and heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported my charity fundraiser this year. This charity has a very deep place in my heart. Together, we raised just shy of £1,900 , with some of my friends and contacts from abroad and LinkedIn sending money direct to the charity !!!

When my older boys lost their oldest childhood friend last October,Will’s family raised money for YoungMinds as it really is a lifeline to those suffering with mental health.

I promised at that sad and traumatic time that I would do more and be more in Will’s memory, through my work with young people, so this has made my year!!



I could actually spontaneously combust with the news that a dream come true for me is about to happen ! With the invaluable help and technical knowledge of my co-editor in chief ( !!! ) Millie Cooper, Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy Online Magazine is going to be launched Spring 2021!!!! I have a special birthday during this time and to mark this milestone, this is my gift, in some small way ,to the global community we have all become during these scary and challenging times.

It will be a banging first issue too !! We will be leaping into Spring with an interview with Anna Kennedy OBE , articles by Mary Atkinson, founder of StoryMassage, Jyoti Jo Manuel, founder of Special Yoga, the story of Kratu the famous therapy dog and how he met his “muvver”, the inspirational and extraordinary Tess, along with articles about Kratu’s work with autism and mental health.

There are real life motivational stories and journeys too of young people who were totally written off and yet have gone on to bust all the myths and achieve the most tremendous things.

In this issue we hear about a young man named Michael who is  profoundly deaf , his heartbreaking but triumphant story, and who has gone on to read a degree, live abroad and will begin work later this year for a top investment bank !!

Sadly even at university level his parents were fighting a system that falls far short of being educated or inclusive of those with neurodiversities.

But triumph has overcome everything …I love it !!

We need real and achievable hope, advice and light in the face of the constant stream of negativity from the Press and all over social media.

Not that we are glossing over anything by any means.

Mental health especially amongst our young people has hit global crisis levels and the suicide rate continues to soar. So in this magazine there is lots of advice, neuroscientifically backed and proven therapies, techniques and tools whether you are self isolating alone or within a bubble, whether you are disabled, differently-abled, neurodiverse or neurotypical, in a wheelchair or a hospital.

IT IS INCLUSIVE OF EVERYONE regardless of budget or situation.

It is for individuals of all ages , families , therapists , teachers and other professionals .

It is for the unemployed, those on furlough and those still working, especially if they are in the “front line’ as key workers.

There is something for everyone and every need.

There are even ready to go yoga stories, story massage stories, positive growth mindset games and exploring feelings games which are very bonding and often very funny.

The touch therapies I myself have included can be self administered or shared in your “bubbles” …. Touch boosts immunity !! We need it more than ever.

We ARE  in this  together and I hope with all my heart that there will be something for everyone within these pages of a very special , unique and much needed magazine . It will come out quarterly for just £2.99 so it is affordable to everyone but covers my magazine platform costs.

So watch this space !!

Lots of love,

Millie and Giuliana !