Autism Parenting Magazine

I am delighted to announce one of my articles, ‘Successful Indian Head Massage for People with Special Needs,’ has been published on the Autism Parenting Magazine’s website and can be found in the Jun 2017 issue . I am really proud to have been a part of this absolutely wonderful and very valuable publication that does such important work.  To view my article, please visit the Autism Parenting Magazine’s website here.

Somerset Life Magazine

I am so very thrilled to be featured in the August 2017 issue of Somerset Life , part of the MediaClash magazine group , following the interview for BBC Radio and the recent national press coverage about the journey with my own son as I continue to raise awareness about these beautiful and wonderful and ABLE children and young adults.

As a Somerset girl this feels very special!  There was just one error (rectified in the following issue ) : the photograph is of myself with a student in one of my schools, and not my son Ollie as stated.However it is a lovely, lovely article and I’m a happy and proud little Somerset lady who is  just honoured to have my work featured. Please click on the image below to see my feature on page 18 of the Somerset Life August edition. Alternatively, please click here to see the entire edition.

Closer Magazine !!

I’m very happy indeed to have my work featured in a full page article in Closer magazine for the 9-15th September 2017 issue !!

I have been really honoured to have written for –  and been interviewed for –  some truly prestigious specialist publications and now my message and work for these amazing children and young adults is hitting the mainstream press too . To think that my work could help and touch so many in this way, to help and alleviate /ease issues and challenges and to help a child bloom as they should , just makes me realise why I work all the hours I do and why these wonderful young people – these seeds of our future – will always be worth it .


The article says I am a mum of one rather than four but it is a really lovely article . Actually I often feel I am like a mum to hundreds and I hope as my work spreads that those numbers will touch the thousands ! A lovely feeling !!

I’m hoping to have the link sent to me in due course but for now I am just so excited I hope these photos  will do … I will ask my delicious ( and very patient ) website guru Chris to help me upload this as soon as I have it !



Click here to listen to our joint interview on BBC Radio.

On Tuesday 23 May 2017 my son Ollie and I had our first joint interview broadcast on the breakfast show  at BBC Somerset Radio 95.5 FM with Claire Carter. Ollie bravely spoke about his experiences going through mainstream school with ASD, how I sent his work off to authors when he felt at his most broken and how he has gone on to realise his dreams. We spoke of our journey together and used this opportunity and our experience to help others and to bring hope – to raise awareness for children and young people with autism and other different / special abilities within mainstream schools. No child should ever be confined by a label. All abilities, however different, should be celebrated and grown.



Life feels amazing !! I am so proud of my Ollie and his huge courage . He even got to read out some of his poetry on air. Not bad for the boy who I was told would ” never achieve”.  At 19 years old he has had his first interview – and  with the BBC  ! He is finding his voice every day :  I could burst with joy and pride !

Getting The Children’s Voices Heard on a National Level

Please see the articles from the Daily Mail, The Mirror,  The Somerset County Gazette and Somerset Live by clicking the corresponding links or the images above.An article also appeared in The Sun newspaper .

My son OLLIE has made the national and regional newspapers today!

A huge article in the Western Daily Press has appeared today – I didn’t even know until someone lovely posted on my timeline!

Back in April for Autism Awareness Month I set myself the seemingly impossible challenge that I would get Ollie’s voice, and the voices of so many different abled but amazing kids, heard on a national level. I even thought I’d pack sandwiches and sit outside editors offices if it came to it and accost them if they needed the loo.

I’m in tears as I write this because those voices, thanks to my son , have been heard today. No child should be boxed in by invisible cage bars just because of a label. We all deserve to become the best we can be, individuals with strengths and abilities, no matter how different those abilities are. With autism teaching global crisis levels, all these voices need to be heard and all these children to be part of a rich and inclusive future.

Health and Happiness – Head Massage for Special Needs







I am very excited to share with you that my article for the March 2017 issue of Health and Happiness magazine is now out !

I am particularly proud of this because it is a piece not just about my work but most importantly about my son , his journey and above all his strength as he fought through so many barriers to become the most beautiful and gifted young man that he is today. He is absolute proof that you must never let others define you or fill your life with limitations purely because you happen to have a label.

Please click here to read the article as published on their website.

Autism Parenting , Health and Happiness and Closer Magazine

I am very excited to tell you that I have been invited by Autism Parenting magazine to write an article about my therapy and work for their June 2017 issue.

Also coming up are articles for Health and Happiness magazine over their April and May 2017 issues . It is so deeply wonderful to be able to help and touch so many in this way and to see my enormous passion and tireless work for these incredible children with special abilities be valued.

Very excitingly my work and journey with my son, Ollie, are being written about for Closer magazine too ! This is a tremendous way to get my work and message about the children and young adults I work with out into the mainstream. Very often parents and families do not know where to go beyond the diagnosis and drugs route or they become despondent due to the lists of limiting beliefs and ” can’ts ” surrounding a diagnosis. Mine and my son’s message is to never allow others to define you or limit all you can be . There are enormous positives and strengths too . It’s about giving these children a voice.  Ollie is living proof of that and I hope his story will continue to inspire people worldwide , just as my small post about him on the business site Linkedin did in April 2016 when it burst through 40,000 likes and comments.

Most people know or know of someone with autism or ADHD or another special ability but don’t know where to go for support and positive advice. The families as well as the child can become isolated . The thought that someone reading such a strong mainstream magazine such as Closer and coming across an article not just about my work but an article that could bring them  hope or maybe even inspiration , is beyond heartwarming . This is just the start .

Mary Mountstephen for SEN Magazine

SEN Magazine review written by Mary Mountstephen, June 2016

Title: Indian Head Massage for Special Needs
Author: Giuliana Fenwick
Publisher: Singing Dragon
Date: 2016
ISBN: 978-1-84819-275-1

The author developed this book while working with her son with Asperger’s Syndrome as well as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.   She has created a manual that introduces Indian Head Massage techniques to help reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, calm sensory overloads, improve sleep patterns and many other challenges.

The book is a very interesting combination of the author’s own story and a detailed approach to this type of intervention. The author combines a passion for her personal journey with a desire to share knowledge and experience to produce a practical guide and reference for the reader.

The book is well structured; covering physical systems, before moving on to complementary approaches and massage information and supportive case studies. The 4 sections are well structured and provide a clear rationale for this type of intervention. Areas covered include:

  • Anatomy, physiology and some neuropsychology
  • Hormone producers
  • The nervous system
  • The lymphatic system
  • The massage treatment
  • Case studies

There are many colour illustrations and detailed intervention protocols and this book would be of interest to parents, therapists and multi-disciplinary settings.

There will be many who are skeptical of this type of intervention; however the book deserves to be read with an open mind. The technique described and the author’s teaching have both been approved by the Complementary Medical Association.