THE MAP : MENTAL MATTERS with William R Drinkwater Podcast Interview 24 June 2020

MASSIVELY EXCITED to be chatting once again to my dear friend over the Pond, Professor
William R Drinkwater M.Ed,CADC-11,LADC-I,LLC LIVE at 4pm GMT and 4pm Willy’s tie !!

He has calls me his “British Spitfire of Special Needs” and has even made me a logo !!

We will be chatting live for his YouTube Podcast show for The Map : Mental Health and Addiction Podcast “Treatment Modalities with Willy Drinkwater.

Really hope that some of you will be able to tune in but it will remain posted on YouTube should any of you wish to catch it later.
The Map: Treatment Modalities with Willy Drinkwater

Willy’s show is so educational,real,accessible and packed with good advice and pointers. So well worth the follow anyway !

I have no idea what the questions will be but I LOVE it that way as I know my stuff, love learning more and can just be my natural unfiltered self !!I know some of it will be about my recent Autism Hero Award !!

Get the ear defenders out Willy !! HERE I COME !!

BBC RADIO SOMERSET 95.5FM Breakfast Show Interview 27th June 2022

YAAAAAAYYY!!! So happy I’ve actually done about 80 Head Over Heels all the way down my vertical garden !!!

I’ll be live on BBC Radio Somerset 95.5FM Breakfast Show on Monday 27th June 2022 at 7.45am GMT talking about my national Autism Hero Award from the charity I am so devoted to – AnnaKennedyOnline ,as well as all about all the incredibly ABLE autistic and other neurodivergent people whom I am infinitely blessed to work with.

We all need some good news at the moment and I hope for those of you who are able to tune in or catch it later on at BBCSounds Radio Somerset – Listen Live – BBC Sounds (where it will accessible for 30 days) that I’ll bring a smile to your faces.
And LOTS and LOTS of hope,possibilities and belief!


SO SO PROUD to share with you all that on this incredibly special evening I was given an Autism Hero Award !!!

When I began this journey I was a woman who had had no voice at all for 17 years.
As a Mum to 4 neurodiverse children, 2 of whom are on the autism spectrum,I was fighting for them to be heard,supported,valued and included.

That journey,particularly with my son Ollie,birthed the work I do today.
I realised that what was happening to him, exclusion on all sorts of levels,horrific bullying and a total lack of expectation from his school,was happening to children and young adults not just in the UK but all over the world.

Our journey became one I absolutely needed to share with others,whether that was advice,knowledge,information,therapy sessions,endless blogs,magazine articles,interviews,seminars,webinars,prolific free public speaking,a youtube channel and a large public Facebook group set up during Covid when as a therapist I nearly lost everything,as well as taking my training into schools,charities and organisations all over the world.

I have never given up,whatever else is going on in my life.
I never will.
I just want to give,do and be more and more and more so that I can help these kids bloom into their full potential.

I never ever ever in 1000 billion years expected the life that has since happened to me.
This is my Desriny.
I will never stop this work,this passion,this belief – and to educate and advocate for long needed change,acceptance and true inclusion.

When I was awarded the Autism Hero Award by Dr Anna Kennedy OBE for the Charity Supporter of the year,I had ni idea that I had even been nominated or was in the running.
I was busy sharing the event all over my social media platforms and on here to celebrate all the incredible,selfless,tireless and dedicated heroes who are ALL making change happen.
Little did I know !!!

I did cry when I found out and I haven’t cried for myself in 9 years.But it was good crying !

As someone who has been behind others for 20+ years,cheering them on,believing in them unswervingly,shouting until all voices are heard and helping to grow all the delicious potential I see in every single unique human being I am honoured to meet, I am just used to being in the background.

Anna made me feel a million dollars….
Winning this award is priceless.
Anna made me feel seen and heard for the first time in all my adult life.
I couldn’t be prouder to be part of the AKO family – a genuine charity with integrity and a pure big heart.

To hear more about the awards ceremony please visit my YouTube link below :
Autism Hero Awards


Organised by the fabulous Anna Kennedy OBE, all the ambassadors and patrons of the charity recorded or photographed themselves dancing and wrote how dancing makes them feel. In fact everyone whoever and wherever you are, are invited on the last Friday of every April to celebrate the Step In The Right Direction Autism Dance Day.Large numbers of special needs and mainstream schools are encouraged to organise dance events to raise funds for Autism. In its first year the charity received UNESCO Patronage.

I even had a little sing too!

One of my poor sons was laughing at how I begin my working day!!
He had the very trying job of choosing the best behaved photos… always a tricky one where I’m concerned !!!
And all before going to school!

We all know the positive benefits of dance for those with autism.
Anyone can join in whether they’re autistic, live or work with autistic people or simply to have fun and raise money for this wonderful cause.

Dancing is one of my HUGE “guilty” pleasures. To the point that I actually keep a pair of silver dancing shoes at the foot of my stairs because I never know when the moment will seize me!

This is how dancing makes me feel …
“Ever since I was a tiny girl I’ve seen the world and people in colours. Yellow is the ultimate for me as it means total joy. When I dance I feel bright yellow,free and I’m just undiluted Giuliana.”

Click on the charity website link below and click on the Autism Dance Day tab on the “Campaigns” section of the menu where you will find Anna and all the team dancing for autism and saying how it makes them feel too ….
Anna Kennedy Online


World Autism Acceptance Day was spent with AnaKennedyOnline Autism Charity, Born Anxious models and Merlin’s Magic Wand at Madam Tussaud’s in central London this year.
I took along my youngest son Charles because I adore involving my family in my passionate work and bringing them up to never stop believing that anything is possible, and to live fully inclusive lives.

Once again, the Born Anxious children and adults, many of whom are Anna Kennedy Online ambassadors just like myself,hit the catwalk once again.
I even had a little go on the runway thanks to the help of my dear friend, partner in crime and fellow ambassador Jo Wiggins Anand.
Think my son may have left his imprint in the wall he was trying to squash himself into with embarrassment !!

Huge fun was had by all and it was a beautiful way to celebrate Autism as well as to raise awareness and acceptance.

We still have such a long,long way to go however and I would love to re-name this day Autism Education Day because accceptance feels like paying lip service to a condition that lasts a lifetime and not simply a day.
Luckily I have a long life to keep shouting from the rooftops along with many others until true education and support happens so that ALL our children and young adults can reach their full potential.


Really really happy to have spotted this little article about my work in the 2022 Summer Issue of Exmoor Magazine.
I am super proud of where I live and it is always so particularly special when I am featured in a regional publication, especially one as gorgeous as this !! This is the second time the fabulous Naomi Cudmore ,Editor, has included me in this beautiful magazine and I am thrilled. Thank you !

Exmoor Magazine

AUTISM EYE MAGAZINE Spring Issue 2022 & Becoming a Regular Contributor !

Just CARTWHEELING with joy and passionate dedication to have been added to the “pool” of contributors for the UK’s best selling Autism magazine, Autism Eye.

I am SUPER PROUD !! What an honour !

I LOVE freely sharing help, advice , ideas and experience, especially during this time when it has never been needed more.


So for the SPRING Issue 2022 of Autism Eye which is just packed full of incredible and valuable advice and articles, I was invited to give some insights and input into the section on Outdoor Sensory Play.

I LOVE outdoor sensory play and sensory play of any kind …. it’s PHENOMENAL and I LOVE it, so I immediately agreed to contribute.


This is just a LITTLE insight into what I have shared…

( Lovely Fiona, the journalist who interviewed me was doubtless dashing to the chemist to buy all their supplies of Aspirin for her poor head afterwards …. I was a bit passionate !!)


Outdoor sensory play creates bonding and stimulates emotional and social skills.

It helps with maths by measuring,weighing and recognising empty and full.

It helps with English with all that eye to hand co-ordination.

It boosts communication.


It also reduces emotional or violent outbursts in the classroom and connects our gorgeous children to nature.

As well as helping them to assess risks and explore !


As Einstein once said “Play is the highest form of research”

I really wish it was possible to just give him a massive cuddle ……


I shall post the link  here once the issue is out.


BBC RADIO SOMERSET Breakfast Show Interview 14th February 2022

Really REALLY happy to be joining Clare Carter again at 9.15 am on BBC RADIO SOMERSET 95.5 FM Breakfast Show getting all “my” children’s voices heard and having a chat about The National Diversity Awards  !!


A play back link will be available for 30 days after the interview which I will post on here for anyone who misses it and would like to hear it back.


West Somerset Radio 104.4FM INTERVIEW 16 February 2022

The absolutely LOVELY Bryan Leaker MBE of West Somerset Radio 104.4 FM will be interviewing me about my recent experience at the National Diversity Awards ceremony where I received a Certificate of Achievement as a shortlisted 2021 Positive Role Model for my work , message and journey at the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on 4th February 2022.

Tune in from around 12.30 pm on Wednesday 16th February if you would like to catch our conversation …. I am still so excited and pinching myself over the whole experience !!!