SO HAPPY !!! My breakfast show interview with BBC Radio Somerset goes out Wednesday 8th September 2021 !!

I’ll be on from 7.45am !

A HUGE thank you to Jack and Clare for inviting me .


I’ll discuss my personal journey with autism and neurodiversity, fighting for my autistic son against seemingly impossible odds, setting up a business and writing a book,  all against a background of domestic abuse.

I’ll also be talking about my shortlisting as a role model for the National Diversity Awards 2021 out of a staggering 55,000 nominees ! ( I still can’t quite absorb it …..)

Hope you can tune in !!

Here is the link for anyone who missed it but who would like to catch up. This link will remain for 29 days.

Thank you for all your continued support!



HUGELY honoured to be invited to write an article about my life’s journey, my autistic son, inventing and establishing a new job sharing tailored and refined therapies for children and young adults on the autism spectrum and with other neurodiversities for this highly respected and impactful magazine. I have longed to be in it for literally nine years !!  It is an absolute privilege.


I will be writing about setting up my business helping others whilst undergoing many dark years of domestic abuse, for which my ex husband served time, finding ways to help my son grow to his full potential in the meantime, doing everything I possibly could to fight for him and help him, whilst taking this work into schools, charities, specialist academies,teacher trainings and to people of all ages and abilities all over the world as well as getting a book deal to share my work on a global level. This along with my extensive public speaking record, most of which I have done for free just because I BELIEVE in our children, want to help raise awareness and bring true education to others. My life has happened for a reason.


I have also been invited to write about my shortlisting as a role model, out of 55,000 nominees, for the National Diversity Awards 2021. This part I still find incredible !


Never ever did I dream for one second that an ordinary woman like me , just using her life cards to build something positive ,would ever be living the life I live now. I just want to reach as many people as I can, to bring solutions, CHOICE, hope, empowerment and potential .

I am so full of gratitude.


This December 2021 issue is specifically about bringing complementary therapies to the world of Special Needs, to help individuals, families, carers and professionals. I couldn’t be prouder to be included .

SEN magazine has been a wealth of help and information to me both personally and professionally for YEARS so I am just SO excited to be actually featured in it.

Thank you to Denise Williams and Steve Muddiman ,Editor, for such a wonderful opportunity. I will do you proud, I promise.


The link to the article will be posted once it is published.

In the meantime for any of you who are not already very familiar with this highly respected and popular publication, please check out the powerful work SEN magazine does by clicking the link below .


http://SEN – home • SEN Magazine


Oh wow… I don’t know where to begin.

This whole week has been like walking through a dream. Nothing feels real …

Please, please don’t think I am boasting or showing off in any way because that’s not who I am . I’m just all about family and the beautiful, awesome kids and young adults I devote my life to.

For the first time in my entire adult life I feel seen and I’ve just cried bucket loads …it is such a strange and unbelievably gorgeous feeling.

I see so , SO much in others and do this work with all my heart and soul, just wanting to make a difference for children who have such difficulty in being seen, heard, having a value or belonging .








Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all of you who voted for me and believe in that I do.

Thank you to all of you who have been milestones on my journey and to those of you who walked beside me when I jumped off that cliff with nothing but faith , terror , desperation, a bit of tenacity and £50 in my pocket.

My heart could burst with gratitude !

Thank you ALWAYS to Tess Eagle Swan for so kindly nominating me in the first place. Her own work with her incredible therapy dog, Kratu, is phenomenal , as is her amazing journey.

By nominating me, Tess has changed my life. My soul feels like it has somehow shifted. I have been invisible for  over two decades and she has changed that : I feel a little bit worthy – and worthwhile – for the first time.

Out of over 50,000 nominees ….how ?!?

I had to call the National Diversity Awards because I was so worried there had been a mistake and I didn’t want to post anything until I was absolutely sure.

All I hope is that this gives me a greater platform from which to fight for all these children.

I feel like a Mum to millions !!!

After my long, long and extraordinary journey, this feels beyond belief …


Click on the link below to see the shortlist, read about some truly inspirational people and to book tickets for the event which will be held at the Anglican Cathedral, Liverpool on 4th February 2022.




Article for EXCEPTIONAL NEEDS TODAY/ Lone Heron publishing

I was so overjoyed to be invited by magazine publisher Amy KD Tobik , an award winning magazine editor, with more than thirty years of publishing experience  and Editor-In Chief of “Exceptional Needs Today” , to write an article about the neurological power of touch for her November 2021 issue.


After successfully producing an autism magazine for more than six years, Amy branched out to create “Exceptional Needs Today”, a publication that supports families at no cost to them.


“Exceptional Needs Today” is an innovative magazine designed to support ALL individuals in the special needs community. The publication focuses on educating and energising (two of my absolute favourite words !!) families, caregivers, educators and professionals while preparing a healthy path for the future.

Topics covered are managing diagnoses, mobility and accessibility, personal rights, educational rights, occupational therapy, resources, schools and camps, transitioning into adulthood, job opportunities, financial planning, supporting families and carers and so much more .


I will post the link and front cover once it is published in the November issue. But in the meantime check out Amy’s fantastic work!


I was really delighted to have been invited for an interview with Maisie Moore of the  Autism & Us Podcast just before lockdown.

The episode is all about “Love and Hope” . I had no idea of the questions that Maisie would ask me –  which I absolutely love and prefer because it’s so much more natural and cosy !It’s the first interview I’ve ever had where I was asked about my own life from childhood onwards. So much was revealed to me during that discussion, perhaps because I spend so much of my time in the layers of so many other people’s lives ! My own neurodiversity was unpeeled whilst I recognised and acknowledged so much that has happened in my own rather extraordinary life. The roots of why I do my work and why I have such tremendous passion for it, such a diving force of absolute belief, became evident to me as Maisie asked her questions.

I also discussed my journey with my autistic son , from birth right up to today, which was quite tough and emotional but also incredibly uplifting as I recalled those chapters. I am even more full of admiration for my son than ever before ! I talked about his severe bullying, the continual fight, my unswerving belief and the incredible support of my other three children.

Some listeners may find parts of my interview upsetting or triggering as I also openly spoke about the domestic abuse we all as a family endured, the continual background of fear , manipulation, cruelty, neglect, abandonment and violence in a home that had also been filled with spyware and cameras.

It was completely gorgeous to chat with Maisie about the passionate work and advocacy I do now.

I realised as we chatted that it is almost as if I was born to do this work ; that my life cards, although hard at times , were all building blocks, steps on a pathway, chapters to be walked through and learned from , so that I could have the heart wisdom as well as the cognitive knowledge to help those who don’t have a voice today.

This is work I will never retire from, work I shall never stop doing until laws change, attitudes change and real education about neurodiversity happens.

I’ve got all the energy in the world !!!

Thank you Maisie for inviting me, for your amazing and insightful questions , and for all the wonderful work that you do.

You are one incredible lady and powerful advocate for autism .

Please click on the link below to hear the interview.

ARTICLE for Dr Susanna Pinkus MPhil,Bed. (Hons) PhD (Cantab) June 2021

Really super chuffed to have been part of Dr Susanna Pinkus’ June 2021 published articles.

EMRACE YOUR DAILY D.O.S.E. is the title of my (very excitable article !) a proven neuroscientific piece about the power of touch, yoga, meditation and mindfulness and how we can literally take control over our own grey matter and neurological pathways, (neuroplasticity) .


I am absolutely passionate beyond ALL measure about this and seem to fill with more awe and wonder the more I learn about the body and brain !

I am addicted !!

I love sharing this knowledge and seeing the empowerment it immediately brings to all those with whom I work.

So it was a joy to me to share with someone as esteemed as Dr Pinkus.

We have followed each other’s work for years on LinkedIn, sharing a mutual huge respect, and having very similar approaches, so this has been a wonderful collaboration.



The Dr Susanna Pinkus’  articles ” span a wide range of topics, from how to navigate The Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) process, to how to build your online inclusion network, managing transitions …With top tips on how to enable inclusive practice, and more than a little help from colleagues, I hope that a sense of purpose and passion shine through. ”


To read the article please click on the link below.


What an absolutely gorgeous and phenomenal surprise to wake up this morning to the incredible and overwhelming news that I had been nominated for a Positive Role Model award at the extremely prestigious National Diversity Awards !! I don’t think I’ll ever sleep again I’m so excited !! Wow Wow Wow ….I never dreamed that anything like this could ever happen to someone like me !


Some truly inspiring and motivational people have been nominated for various awards. It’s a very humbling and amazing read. Even if I do not win, I am just so honoured to have had my name alongside theirs. Every nominee is a winner to me . What remarkable journeys and people ! I want to vote for them all !


I cannot believe that my work, message and journey have been given such value and such recognition.

I am utterly blown away and just so full of gratitude.

For so many years 18 or 19 hour days have become the norm , so much of it unpaid, as I continually campaign and fight for  all the hundreds and thousands of young people just like my own autistic son. His journey birthed this work and my destiny as I grew to realise that so,so many children were suffering and being surrounded by a total poverty of expectation, just as he was.  I would go to the ends of the Earth ( and have done at times!) for them and I will do this work until the end of my life . These incredible voices need to be heard. These neurodiverse children have so much to teach us and so much to contribute to our changing world.


If you think that what I do is of value and you would like to vote for me, I would be endlessly thankful ! Let’s hear it for the kids !!! And if I win then I will have a bigger platform fro which to get these hugely valid and important voices heard. Neurodiverse children become neurodiverse adults .. and they have SO MUCH potential !

So please vote for me and spread the word.

Thank you !!


Please click on the link below to vote in this year’s National Diversity Awards 2021




On May 6th 2021 it will be absolutely wonderful to join Anna Kennedy OBE and Kacey Ainsworth, actress and patron of Anna Kennedy Online charity, for an interview with Aston Avery, a fellow Charity Ambassador, at Gateway Radio 97.8 FM at 12 midday.

We will be discussing and raising awareness about the exciting re-vamp and Re-Launch of Take 5, the Charity’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Campaign which Anna asked me to undertake when she invited me to become the Wellbeing Ambassador. I have embraced this with immense passion and enthusiasm !



Essex Magazine Article 8 April 2021/Anna Kennedy Online Charity Ambassador

It was just so lovely when Anna Kennedy OBE sent me a copy of this article featuring her announcement of me as the Wellbeing Ambassador for her fabulous charity AnnaKennedyOnline.

I’m truly just SO proud, excited, humbled & wanting to do and learn more and more !! It’s gorgeous to be part of the AKO Family.

Please click on the link below to see the article .



Really delighted to be invited back again onto the Bryan Leaker radio show at where I talk about all my  extensive freely shared therapy work throughout Covid and the launch of my new free online magazine Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Relaxation on 21st March 2021 !!!

The first airing of the interview will be on Tuesday 16 February and the second airing will be just after 3.30pm on Monday 22 February. Bryan deserves a medal for all the headaches I give him during interviews !! Another MBE for him perhaps ??! ……