I am blown away to have been invited to a Role Model Event by the charity Founders4Schools which is being held for 150 students at Bridgwater College Academy on 8th March 2019.

The event begins at 8.15 am and finishes at 2.30pm and is being held at Bridgwater College Academy, Parkway, Bridgwater , Somerset TA6 4QY. It has been organised by Hannah Bradshaw  through working alongside Founders4Schools. What an amazing lady to have organised this event for students … I cannot wait for us all to work alongside each other.


I am to be one of four speakers where I will share with students and teachers my  personal and professional journey about my company which has grown quickly. This is very much a Role model Day based on equal opportunities and employability where ” business  leaders will share insights, lessons and tips to motivate and inspire students to make informed decisions about their future.”  I have a wealth of personal and professional experience to share regarding special abilities in the workplace just overflowing to be shared … I almost feel I need to warn everyone to take a deep breath because I have so much to share, not least how different abilities can be channelled into such positive attributes (and actually life skills too ), all leading to inclusion and fulfilling every potential of every child.

We will be sharing our stories about our career journeys, the subjects we studied and how these are relevant now, what inspired us to choose our career paths , our failures as well as our successes, what our companies do and why this is important along with what we enjoy the most about our careers.  I’m never going to stop talking !!!! Most of all I so look forward to hearing the other speakers and most importantly the students themselves.


I am so overjoyed to have been personally scouted for this wonderful opportunity and to share such an exciting day at the heart of all our futures : the children and young adults with a whole host of different abilities and strengths who will shape our world of tomorrow. It’s where it’s at for me  and I am bursting to bring real achievable possible hope to so many by sharing the incredible life and journey hat I have had . I am on fire and literally cannot wait !!!!!


It is so wonderful be invited back to Belfast , this time to give a talk as part of a” Mind & Sole ” conference on 18th – 19th May 2019. 

The two days will cover evidence-based talks and seminars by therapists, authors and speakers about the proven, researched scientific and neuropsychological benefits of touch and therapies within special/additional needs and abilities as well as in work with mental health issues and challenges.

Details to follow………



I am so happy to share with you that I have been invited to give a talk at the Exmoor Book Festival which is running from 9th – 11th November 2018.

My talk will be at 12.30pm on Sunday 11th November as this is a very special day for me. I have decided to call my talk ” Finding My Yellow ” which is the title of the book I am currently writing. This will give a good background to my first book and journey – whilst at the same time bridging the link to my next book.

For more details please visit the Exmoor Store’s website here.

Association of Indian Head Massage Annual Conference

I will be attending this year’s Association of Indian Head Massage annual conference and CPD day and will be appearing as a guest speaker, talking about the use of therapies within education and special needs. I will also be running work shops and demonstrations throughout the afternoon. Copies of my book will be on sale.

The event takes place at the Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS on the 17th Sepetember 2016, beginning at 9:30am and finishing at 4:30pm BST. My first talk will commence at 11:45am and it will be lovely to see as many of you as possible there. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing with you.

ADHD, ASD and LD Belgium Conference


At the November 2014 ’Thinking Outside The Box” annual conference for ADHD ASC & LD Belgium

Public speaking work is becoming a large part of what Giuliana does, being invited to talk not only at schools both here and abroad but to major organisations who work to promote awareness of “special needs” . This is  an area Giuliana is growing increasingly passionate about and in November 2014 Giuliana was inviged as a guest speaker to the annual conference of ADHD, ASD & LD Belgium.

As well as raising awareness of special needs and giving these children their voices and dreams back, schools should be integrating “special needs” within the mainstream system and not segregating special needs. With so many young people in our society and our schools who have needs or differences now reaching epidemic levels, it is time schools and education planners integrated them more within the mainstream system instead of segregating them. It is no longer good enough to just label children: an understanding is needed and a lot more support so that they feel valued and nurtured. If a child feels safe, he or she will learn. By supporting them as a whole person – “Holistically”- Whole-istically they become happier, more alert, attendance increases and they are more productive and focused.

Giuliana will also be doing talks in Sweden, Ireland and Munich from late Spring 2015, as well as talks throughout the UK to schools and organisations.