CMA approved and certified  functional massage courses with author/therapist/experienced teacher on Exmoor in beautiful training/therapy chalet.

I am very proud to share that I now regularly receive  fully and part funded placements for teachers and other staff/ professionals from both  large mainstream schools as well as specialist schools , autism and ADHD charities and large organisations . I have also trained NHS physiotherapists and nurses.  Please email me if you would like to know more .  I am available, by prior arrangement , to  travel direct to schools or an agreed venue to offer this training , including outside of the UK. Travel and accommodation must be covered please . Email me for further details and costs.

Workshops in schools are also available .

Based on my book ” Indian Head Massage For Special Needs “, this Level One course shares beautiful , gentle, nurturing and deeply beneficial massage techniques to reduce anxiety, ease,  alleviate and even overcome  issues and challenges … and to help everyone relax and bloom, not just those with different or special  abilities . Scientific information and proven research , including case studies are all shared constantly throughout the two days  as we learn together in this very visual, practical course. The researched proof and knowledge are on scientific , physiological, neuropsychological, physical , emotional mental levels .

Students are  also taught how to  keep their own case studies which are then submitted to myself on a regular basis for monitoring and recording.


It has been scientifically proven since the 1950’s that nurturing touch not only noticeably improves physical health but encourages bigger brains and increases social skills. Within humans emotional intelligence is also stimulated as we have direct ares of the brain that are associated with emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is key to learning and productivity , benefitting not simply the child but their families and the classroom.

£250 including lunch and all refreshments .A beautiful two days as a stand alone course or as a CPD course for those who have previous experience… Two  days where everyone leaves with far more than they ever bargained for.


I am also available to travel to teach courses by prior arrangement. Please contact me for details and further information at

4-5 January 2018

1-2 February  2018                         1-2 March 2018

14 – 15  April  2018 (Sat/Sun)          3-4 May 2018 ( Mary Atkinson, author of Healing Touch For Children and Once Upon A Touch & co-

founder of story massage will be joining us as well as Jyoti Jo Manuel of Special Yoga )

9-10  June  2018 (Sat/Sun )             7-8 July 2018 (Sat/Sun)

2-3 August 2018                              8-9  September 2018 (Sat/Sun)

4-5 October 2018                            3-4  November 2018 (Sat/Sun)

8-9 December 2018 (Sat/Sun)


I am now able to offer a CMA fully approved and certified Advanced Diploma course in Functional Massage/ Additional Needs  from my beautiful therapy and training sanctuary on Exmoor in Somerset .

I am also available to bring this course direct to schools  either as a certificated training day or as a workshop . (Travel and accommodation costs must be covered. )Please email me for further details and costs.

Previous level one training in My Indian Head Massage for Special Needs is a pre requisite .


This advanced course includes proven , deeper scientific research into this therapy on physical, mental, emotional and  academic levels .

Further nurturing massage techniques are taught along with ways to grow this very beautiful , gentle but powerful massage on so many levels  and for so many different environments and abilities.  It also goes deeper into emotional intelligence  which is vital for IQ and our ability to learn and grow. It is a scientific fact that our physical and emotional wellbeing are closely linked to ability to learn effectively. This course includes emotional intelligence within the classroom, as well as  within each  child , linking cognitive with emotion and  science with feeling .  Emotions and emotional intelligence are key to learning .

For many children and young adults with different or special abilities,  stress hormones are naturally much higher than for their peers.  The  fear of failure combined with not understanding/ coping will often lead to meltdown or switching off  because emotion will always win out over cognition. It is here too that  this work really does reap huge rewards., not just for the child but for the entire class environment.

This is  especially important in an age where employers are now looking at emotional intelligence as much as at exam grades . Every child and young adult has a gift, a talent, an ability, however ” different ” they are and every voice and ability should be included at school and within the workplace.  We all have something to ‘ bring to the table ‘. Our future needs to be inclusive of everyone – the great thinkers and innovators have so often been those who are on the spectrum or who have a different ability.

Skills are expanded and a more extensive knowledge and understanding are shared in this very practical , visual course with lots of opportunity to refresh and cement  level one learning surrounding different abilities such as autism, dyslexia, LD’s, ADHD, dyspraxia, OCD and other additional or special needs.

Physiological, scientific and neuropsychological  facts and research are shared, along with extra massage techniques and case studies  as we explore further into mental health including conditions such as PTSD , trauma, depression and anxiety  to name but a few,  along with how to tailor the massage techniques for  younger  children.

Full certification , folders , lunch and all refreshments  included.


* It is only with this Advanced level that independent teaching of this massage via workshops to others  ( under my name and Therapies For Special Needs ) as well as a link to my website are happily granted ,  as this is my protected work.


Cost £150 per person.

Time: 9.30am – 5pm.

*Dates *

17th November 2017

8 December 2017

9 February 2018

9 March 2018

20 April 2018

11 May 2018

7 June 2018

13 July 2018

26 July 2018

17 August 2018

14 September 2018

12 October 2018

9 November 2018

14 December 2018

* Please note that as with my level one trainings, I am prepared to travel and teach where a group of you and a venue can be arranged. Travel , and where applicable, overnight accommodation costs  to be covered please .



I am now offering CMA accredited one day advanced Functional diploma courses for those wishing to learn more about this beautiful and deeply beneficial work with people with special  and/or different abilities .

I share further practical therapeutic techniques on the day along with more detailed scientific and neuropsychological research and knowledge. It takes all I share on the first level up several notches to a standard where you develop a greater understanding of how you are working along with science-based knowledge about why exactly it works so very well.

It is a pre-requisite to have completed a two day training course with me prior to this. Cost £150  lunch included. PIMG_8444lease contact me at for further information and bookings.

17 november 2017 9.30 am – 5pm

8 December 2017 9.30am – 5pm

*9 February 2018       *13 July 2018

*9 March 2018              *16 August 2018

*20 April 2018                 *14 September

*11 May 2018                      *12 October

*15 June 2018                     *9 November 2018

*14 December 2018

Training Event in Belfast April 2017

Talk and trainings in Belfast 27th-28th April 2017 9.30 am – 5pm both days. CMA approved and certified course. I’m so happy to be coming over to Ireland to spread this wonderful work and share with everyone!

It would be fantastic if you could bring along a copy of my book “Indian Head Massage for Special Needs ” available from my publisher Jessica Kingsley/Singing Dragon or direct from Amazon. I love everyone to scribble all over the pages like a gorgeous well used recipe book because I am always bursting with so much information as we work together.

£300 per person

Early booking essential.

Payments can be spread and there is an Early Bird Offer available if the first £100 is paid by 31st January:

£100 deposit by 31st Jan 2017

£100deposit by 28 Feb 2017

£50 by 31st March 2017

Balance due by 14th April 2017

**Details of venue to follow very soon .



Workshops and Talks

In response to overwhelming demand following the publication of my book, for those who cannot travel to me to train, I am very happy to travel to offer talks and one day workshops. Please email at info@theraiesforspecialneeds for further details. I can come to schools or private venues wherever there are a number of you. This includes abroad, particularly in response to all the emails I have received from America and specifically in connection with autism.

I am also happy to travel to  offer two day fully certified and CMA approved practical diploma courses in  indian head massage for special needs based on all the techniques in my book. This is where groups or schools are involved . Again, please do email me at info@therapiesforspecialneeds.


Dates for courses held on Exmoor in my training and therapy chalet are listed on the website but early booking is essential as more school funded placements are now being booked well in advance . I look forward to meeting you all and sharing with you !

College and school funded placements on courses !

From February 2016 I began taking bookings on my indian head massage for special needs practical diploma courses ( based on my book ) for school and academy funded placements. With 48 hours these teachers and members of staff were taking their training into their respective schools – a dream come true for me as I long to introduce therapies into schools everywhere. With the huge short term and long term benefits that my therapy brings to students , this impacts very positively not just on themselves as people but on the whole classroom and learning environment .


I have also successfully trained parents and carers of children with autism, ADHD and other special needs and within the first day of the course they want to take the therapy into their children’s schools. So many people arrive on the courses with an expectation – but always leave with a journey . I absolutely love my job !!IMG_8555IMG_7885