Want to see Giuliana in action?

Giuliana firmly believes that learning differences and children who are different should be fully incorporated and supported within the mainstream system. To promote this message, Giuliana does talks for teachers and the people who train the teachers, to help them understand why it helps these children not only perform but get through the school day.

Giuliana also give workshops and talks to the children themselves, ensuring they feel like equals from the start, encompassing the whole school from top to bottom.

Check out the list of upcoming dates below for your chance to see and hear Giuliana in action.

TRAINING DAYS/TALKS for SPECIAL YOGA – Supporting Special Children with Special Yoga

I am absolutely full of joy and energy and feel so immensely privileged to have been invited to run a training day for Special Yoga Limited, a truly wonderful and inspirational organisation who take their work with special children worldwide.

Jyoti Jo Manuel, the founder, trained with me earlier this year and I shall be training under her to further my own work with special children in October by her kind invitation. Our approach and support of these incredibly special children is so similar and so complimentary.

I shall be running the training day from the Heart Centre in Bournemouth, Dorset on Friday 31st August 2018 –  with a later day in the planning stages for London due to high demand! For more information or to book your ticket, please visit the Special Yoga website.

I shall also be taking part on February 10th 2019 in a training and talk in Wiltshire as part of a four consecutive weekend retreat programme organised by Special Yoga – more details to follow.

Do check out the valuable and incredible work they do at SpecialYoga.org.uk.

“I love Giuliana and her amazing work. So happy to have her beautiful teachings and presence again. For yoga therapists, teachers and alternative therapists working with autistic kids, this day will give you some really useful tools and info.” – Jo Manuel, Founder.


I am just so thrilled, proud and truly honoured to be asked again by Mary Atkinson of the prestigious Indian Head Massage Community UK to give a presentation and workshop on 30th June 2018 at their conference and CPD event.

The venue is at the Therapy Station, Hinckley, Leicestershire from 9.45 am until 4.30pm. Tickets will be on sale soon at £80 each.

The day will be to “welcome top guest speakers from the industry to offer insights, inspiration and information to promote the best practice for Indian Head Massage therapists. The idea is to share knowledge of taking nurturing massage to areas previously not considered; to think outside the box and to learn and grow alongside each other, sharing knowledge, proven experience and ideas.”

I am just so gorgeously delighted to be a part of something so special and am already planning a heartfelt, passionate, moving talk that will get people thinking (I hope!), followed by a very interactive, exciting workshop. It is such a privilege to be included. Thank you Mary and all the team!

For more information or to book your ticket please visit the Indian Head Massage Community’s website.

EMOTIONALLY INTELLIGENT SCHOOLS – Leadership Programme in Scotland

On 15th – 17th September 2017 I was invited by Dr Martin Williams ( such a massive honour ! )  to Fife in Scotland where I gave a talk and ran a workshop as part of the launch of an Emotionally Intelligent schools leadership programme . Dr Williams spoke so engagingly about the huge importance, impact and value of emotional intelligence and how “EQ” is as important, if not more so , than IQ : something that has also been so close to my own heart and experience and something I’ve long wished to see within schools and the workplace.


The head teacher of Lochgelly School, Carolann Penrose, had worked closely with Dr Williams for the outcomes aimed at for the weekend and I was just so thrilled to be part of it. It just lights me up to meet doctors, teachers and other professionals who all deeply care for the child, the ” wet cement ” that we are all shaping and to know that there are really forward thinking schools out there who understand that an emotionally intelligent school will be a more productive and inclusive school  – which will ultimately produce better results . This message then filters into the workplace where employers now are increasingly looking for EQ as well as IQ….


By also encouraging self care and self nurture, we all do a far better job of providing the very best , professional, quality care for the children and young adults we are growing.  With all the pressures teachers are now under, this couldn’t be more important because if teachers are able to nurture themselves, they’re then able to nurture those in their care.  When we are aware of and growing our own EQ, we can then help the children grow their’s .


This launch  weekend was just totally inspiring and motivational. It was so  gorgeous to feel myself growing even more on a personal and professional level  as I listened to Dr Williams’ extensive knowledge and experience –  and also the heads,deputies,  teachers and other staff who were all so passionate about what they do. I was so moved to be able to share this special time and to bring my own work to the table too, that I did actually cry when I left Edinburgh airport …! I felt part of something so valuable, important and trail blazing. I’m confident that this is just the beginning……


Out of all the ( many ! ) photographs I took throughout my trip, my very favourite is the one of the knitted bicycle cover because to me it summed up the weekend …. all of  our colours, all of  our gifts, all  of our abilities – however different or special , all of our voices are so important for transporting us into a rich, full, inclusive and emotionally intelligent future .



Bringing  my work to America !

I am so unbelievably happy to announce that I have been invited to speak at the 2018 Icare4autism International ASD Conference at the Pennsylvania Hotel in mid town New York City.Dates to follow .


This is the International Center forAutism Research and Education entitled “Genes, Technology and Clinical Care”. This conference will be an opportunity to share recent research into the causes and treatment of autistic spectrum disorders and is intended for powerful collaborations to tackle the global autism crisis. It is to enhance knowledge of biomedical research into global autism initiatives.


I have worked so hard for so long and dedicated so much to this work  both professionally and personally . It is beyond amazing to have this work valued on such an incredible level and to feel I can contribute .

I cannot wait to go and especially to learn so much from others and to deeply feel such a part of something so truly tremendous.

Annual CPD Day

I recently had the massive joy of being asked to speak at The Association of Indian Head Massage’s (AIHM) annual  conference and CPD day on Saturday 17th September, organised by the wonderful Mary Atkinson. Mary spoke , along with the lovely Bridget , about her massage work within palliative care and hospices , a talk which made me well up several times at the hugeness of heart and courage involved for all concerned , Amy Taylor spoke eloquently and passionately about her massage work with pregnant ladies and I was invited to speak about my work with children and young adults with autism and other different abilities.  I loved every minute and absolutely couldn’t stop talking … I wanted to share so much !! I wanted to give the incredible, courageous, gifted children I work with a voice and let people know just how able and talented they are ,  as well as raise awareness about using therapeutic touch to help them bloom.I was buzzing for days afterwards … and still am as I  write this ! I absolutely love my job !!

The outcome for the day was to ensure that Indian Head Massage sessions met the individual needs of each and every client and above all listening to them and combining touch with that space to hear and feel how someone really is . After a working lunch where I actually had a queue of people wanting hugs as well as questions answered ( I loved it and actually wanted to take everyone home with me ! ) , Mary, Amy and I ran workshops where we shared some of our techniques with the attendees.

Mary has written her own blog on the events of the day; if you would like to find out more, please click here to read it.I also wrote my own posts on Twitter and on  my Therapies for Special Needs and Indian Head Massage for Special Needs Facebook pages.

For further information, please also visit the Association of Indian Head Massage’s FaceBook page.img_0513img_0496img_0538img_0497img_0502img_0541img_0518img_0536img_0514

Association of Indian Head Massage Annual Conference

I will be attending this year’s Association of Indian Head Massage annual conference and CPD day and will be appearing as a guest speaker, talking about the use of therapies within education and special needs. I will also be running work shops and demonstrations throughout the afternoon. Copies of my book will be on sale.

The event takes place at the Columbia Hotel, 95-99 Lancaster Gate, London W2 3NS on the 17th Sepetember 2016, beginning at 9:30am and finishing at 4:30pm BST. My first talk will commence at 11:45am and it will be lovely to see as many of you as possible there. I look forward to meeting you all and sharing with you.

Workshops and Talks

In response to overwhelming demand following the publication of my book, for those who cannot travel to me to train, I am very happy to travel to offer talks and one day workshops. Please email at info@theraiesforspecialneeds for further details. I can come to schools or private venues wherever there are a number of you. This includes abroad, particularly in response to all the emails I have received from America and specifically in connection with autism.

I am also happy to travel to  offer two day fully certified and CMA approved practical diploma courses in  indian head massage for special needs based on all the techniques in my book. This is where groups or schools are involved . Again, please do email me at info@therapiesforspecialneeds.


Dates for courses held on Exmoor in my training and therapy chalet are listed on the website but early booking is essential as more school funded placements are now being booked well in advance . I look forward to meeting you all and sharing with you !

Recent guest speaking


At the November 2014 ’Thinking Outside The Box” annual conference for ADHD ASC & LD Belgium

Public speaking work is becoming a large part of what Giuliana does, being invited to talk not only at schools both here and abroad but to major organisations who work to promote awareness of “special needs” . This is  an area Giuliana is growing increasingly passionate about and in November 2014 Giuliana was inviged as a guest speaker to the annual conference of ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium.

As well as raising awareness of special needs and giving these children their voices and dreams back, schools should be integrating “special needs” within the mainstream system and not segregating special needs. With so many young people in our society and our schools who have needs or differences now reaching epidemic levels, it is time schools and education planners integrated them more within the mainstream system instead of segregating them. It is no longer good enough to just label children: an understanding is needed and a lot more support so that they feel valued and nurtured. If a child feels safe, he or she will learn. By supporting them as a whole person – “Holistically”- Whole-istically they become happier, more alert, attendance increases and they are more productive and focused.

Giuliana will also be doing talks in Sweden, Ireland and Munich from late Spring 2015, as well as talks throughout the UK to schools and organisations.