DARING TO BE DIFFERENT Podcast Interview with Samantha Grierson 8 July 2022

SO SO delighted and happy to have been interviewed for such an esteemed Podcast and to have chatted with the powerhouse that is Sam Grierson.
Thank you SO much for inviting me on!!
I hope my interview brings positivity,real concrete hope to others along with the strength to never ever EVER give up or let others define you.

Daring to be Different …?
I LOVE being different!!
And am so at home with others who are!

“Daring to be different with the fabulous Giuliana Wheater, an author and multi award winning therapist working with autism, SEN and mental health.
She is the founder of Therapies For Special Needs and Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy.
She is the Wellbeing Ambassador for the international Autism charity AnnaKennedyOnline.
Her work has been recognised by the Children’s University as a Learning Destination.
Her proudest achievment is being Mum to four neurodiverse children.

We chat about the challenges of autism diagnosis in childhood, tips on navigating schools with autistic children,activism,therapies for children with special needs, The Anna Kennedy Charity, Audrey Hepburn and finding your yellow.”

Listen now on iTunes,Spotify or on the link below
Daring To Be Different Season 2 – Giuliana Wheater

Sam Grierson, Playwright, Journalist, Producer and Host of “Daring to be Different”, received a later life diagnosis of Autism and ADHD, changing the course of her life forever.
What was initially a shock becae the driving fore behind her creativity and allowed her to revive her love of writing and create content celebrating difference.
Listen and fasten your seatbelt….

This interview series involves Sam “chatting to change makers who have Dared to be Different and stand up and speak out.We discuss social change that has occurred over the last 30 years, how language has evolved and is evolving and how we still have more work to do…Actors,Singers,Members of Parliament, Artists,Authors,Activists and Entrepreneurs who all dare … Sam Grierson interviews…Daring To Be Different…