Rainbow Kids Therapy Online Course

You are in for a treat!

This course is brought to you by a public speaker, a guest speaker on radio shows, author and course provider, Giuliana Wheater (BA Hons Exon, MCMA college/teacher member). Feel free to peruse this website to find out Giuliana’s journey, but for those of you who lead busy lives, here is a quick bit of information about Giuliana for you.

Giuliana is a registered teacher with the Complementary Medical Association, working within pastoral and SEN sectors at schools, colleges and specialist academies, treating young people with “special needs”. Giuliana has been a fully qualified practising therapist since 2004 and researching, growing and developing the Rainbow Kids course since she founded the first Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Relaxation group, in 2016. It is grounded in science and shares the wealth of Giuliana’s knowledge.

Example from course

Giuliana delivers her course from the comfort of her Therapy Chalet.
80% of communication isn’t speech and this course explores the activities you can teach children of all abilities to grow to their full potential. It covers topics such as mental health and a positive growth mind-set, yoga and breath work, story telling, story massage, gratitude and empathy, courage, mood and colour therapy, meditation and motor skills to name but a few.

Giuliana is the author of the book “Indian Head Massage for Special Needs” and if you would like to purchase Giuliana’s book please visit the store section of this website.

This downloadable course consists of 17 individual videos amounting to over 4 hours of tuition and includes the full course manual and resources to help get you started. Each video comprises a different subject including an introduction and the course contents are laid out below:

Please note: the total download size is 4.47GB and may take some time to download on slower internet connections. You will need a video player installed to watch the videos; VLC Player is recommended and is a free download here but is not a requirement as most operating systems come with one pre-installed. This downloadable course is not suitable for use on a tablet or mobile.

Sample video from the course

Please see the FREE sample video from Module 14 of Giuliana’s Rainbow Kids Therapy Course below. Simply click to play the video.

Notes about the Course

The Rainbow Kids Instructor Course allows you to practice the therapies in your private sessions, within schools and the public sector. It does not entitle you to teach it. This is a practitioner’s level only.

On completion of this course you may apply for a 10% discount as a practitioner member with the Complementary Medical Association (CMA). You just need to send them a copy of your certificate to prove you have trained with Giuliana as she is a Centre of Excellence and College/Teacher member with this organisation.

Giuliana gets her insurance through Balens Ltd who she recommends highly.

You cannot use the Children’s University Learning Destination logo as this was awarded to Giuliana for her work only.

If you wish to use the ‘Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy’ name in any of your work, an annual subscription of £75.00 will be required . This will also entitle you to be added to my directory of Rainbow Kids Practitioners. Please contact me for more details.

To receive your certificate upon completion of this course, you will need to provide 10 case studies from 6 separate sessions showing how the training is being used and the benefits recorded. Once these have been received, you will receive your full certification.

Course Contents

Download Contents: 17 videos in 1080p high definition mp4 format and accompanying manual with resources in PDF format.

Course Price: £200.00 one off payment – you will be able to download the full course a total of 3 times after which you will need to contact me to reset your download link.

*Please note – this course does not permit you to teach, only to practise it’s contents.