Just absolutely delighted to have been given this Contributor’s Award for having written for the absolutely inspiring and gold medal award winning Exceptional Needs magazine, published by Lone Heron Publishing.


My article about the scientifically proven power of touch for the neurodiverse ,along with tips and techniques, appears in this free online magazine which is filled with over 25 articles including insightful and very helpful pieces written by Dr Temple Grandin and Dr Debra Moore.  I am doubly thrilled and honoured to be featured alongside such esteemed and respected contributors whose work I have followed and respected for many years.


This FREE online magazine is packed to BURSTING with tips, advice and resources, not just for the neurodiverse but for families, teachers, doctors, therapists and educators too.


Please click on the link below to view my article which appears in Issue 6 and please FREELY subscribe. I already have – and it is just so full of support, knowledge, ideas and belief. It helps reduce those terrible feelings that those of us with neurodiverse families can so often feel. And please share with anyone to whom you feel it would be a great tool moving forwards! I am so proud to be a part of something so inclusive, positive, powerful and useful !


Thank you Amy Tobik, Editor, for inviting me on board !