Gateway 97.8FM Radio Interview with Anna Kennedy OBE and Aston Avery 1st August 2019

Podcast from this interview has now been posted and is below for you to listen to:

I was really so humbled and touched to be asked onto Aston Avery’s and Anna Kennedy’s “All Things Autism In Essex” broadcasting on the Gateway 97.8FM Radio show from 10AM-1PM on Thursday 1st August! Gateway 97.8 is an award-winning radio station with the Prime Minister’s Big Society and Queen’s Award. They can also be followed on Twitter @Gateway978.

Aston and his family have inspired me for quite some time. They truly touch my heart and are the strongest and most motivational family.Aston has had to deal with so much in his life, including autism,and like myself with my own son, his family refused to accept the invisible cage bars of ignorance, negative assumptions and the limited, restricted beliefs of others, including professionals. Aston is living proof, like my son Ollie, of busting the myths surrounding autism and growing into his full potential as well as lighting a flame for others. I am full of awe and admiration. Whenever I have a tough day, it is families like this who ensure I never give up,to brush the dust from my feet and continue to walk strongly. This is why we all do what we do, so tirelessly and with absolute unswerving conviction.

Aston and his family have used their life’s journey and experiences to help others in so many immeasurable ways. Aston is an Anna Kennedy Online Ambassador, fundraiser, DJ, presenter, singer, dancer and actor… all achievements no one ever thought possible. He has also won the NDA Award for disability.


For the first time ever in any interview I’ve ever given I became emotional .

It was also the first time I discussed at any length the full picture of what was going on for us as a family at home against which my son’s journey with autism was being played out.

As I talked about catching sight of Ollie through the doorway where he was being robed up ready for his graduation, suddenly seeing in fast motion all the chapters of our lives which had led to this moment, I really knew and felt so deeply in my heart what a giant my son is … and I just crumpled because the love and immense awe and pride I felt were just too big for my little body !

Please tune in to this incredible and informative show where Autism is given a voice from those who really know the journey from the inside out and who celebrate each unique individual behind the label.

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