GATEWAY RADIO 97.8 FM INTERVIEW Thursday 13th January 2022

Just so extraordinarily happy to have been invited back to Gateway Essex Radio 97.8 FM on Thursday 13th September 2022 from 11.30am !!

I felt a gorgeous surge of deliciousness when I picked up the email!

What a beautiful and enriching way to begin the New Year.


This time I am being interviewed by the wonderful Anna Kennedy OBE and the incredibly talented Aston Avery where I will be chatting and sharing practical ideas on therapies and well being for half an hour!!

These two are just a magic combination with Anna ,mother to two autistic sons who tirelessly raises awareness and education through her charity and Aston who is autistic and yet has bust so many myths and gone on to inspire and lead with his many gifts and talents.



Previously I have appeared on the show where I have discussed my personal journey through raising four neurodiverse children single handedly through a very abusive and controlling “marriage”. On a second occasion I was invited on to discuss the basic neuroscientific “happy hormones and coping chemicals” which we all need daily, along with how to stimulate them. This was all part of raising awareness with Anna and the actor Kacey Ainsworth about the exciting re-vamp and re-launch of the Anna Kennedy Take 5 Mental Health Campaign of which I am proudly the Charity’s Wellbeing Ambassador. On a further occasion I was interviewed by Aston and Steven Smith, celebrity hairdresser to the stars, about raising autism and mental health awareness.


This time I am just so excited because the interview will be all about freely helping as many people as I can through my various therapies and techniques.


I ended last year just listening to so many anxious, fearful, depressed and exhausted human beings who all seemed to have got to the very end of their tethers with a third year of Covid approaching.

In spite of my 18 hour average days, writing endless free articles, blogs, posts and charity work, recording weekly You Tube videos as well as updating daily FaceBook and social media groups I had set up since the start of Covid, the nagging feeling that I needed to do more, reach more people, never left me.


As many of you will know it is very difficult to get articles published or receive TV or radio interviews so I feel especially blessed by this particular invitation, most especially because I will be able to keep reaching more and more people with practical advice and techniques to ride the challenging wave we are all clinging onto. ( from matchboxes it seems at times!) I would much rather talk about my work and know I have brought practical help to people I would not have ordinarily met, than be in the spotlight myself. (unless it is to bring hope and belief.)


I will give my absolute best and my All … and I do talk an awful lot! I just LOVE what I do and making a difference.

So if you can tune in, it might be a good idea to keep a couple of paracetamol handy for afterwards !!

So see you on Gateway 97.8FM next Thursday !