Massage for Autism and ADHD – series of Zoom workshops for the IHM Community UK

It was with enormous gratitude and joy that I shared three two hour workshops on massage for autism and ADHD along with the neuroscientific proven research to the Indian Head Massage Community on 6th February, 16th February and 6th March 2021.

As a specialist member of the Panel, it was just so gorgeous to share some tips, techniques and the incredible powers of neuroplasticity as we begin to emerge out of Lockdown. I do get so carried away and we had enormous fun whilst learning and sharing some really important knowledge. We need this work out there more than ever before as mental health hits global crisis levels, not just for the neurodiverse but for the neurotypical too.


A big, warm thank you to Mary Atkinson, Co-Founder of the UK Indian Head Massage Community for so kindly facilitating this.