*** NEW FOR 2017 *** WORKSHOPS : Massage Techniques For Special Needs

Following very popular demand, two hour monthly evening workshops will be starting from Wednesday 25th January 2017.


For those who haven’t the time or the wish to train, but who desperately need help and methods where the benefits start to happen immediately for your child or someone in your care , this might be just what you need. Not everyone wishes to train up –  but if it’s techniques and tips to get you through the day and somewhere to come where support, practical  knowledge, experience , understanding and empathy are shared in a very positive, enabling environment , then this could be for you.


There are so many  limiting beliefs and negative connotations surrounding special needs labels whereas in reality there are so many abilities, gifts, possiblities and positives. I’ve seen myths surrounding autism and ADHD be proved wrong countless times and the children I work with succeed and blossom. It’s all about nurturing the differences whilst easing the challenges and issues. It’s about joining voices and knowledge together so that these children and young adults are surrounded with belief and encouragement. Combining support and practical massage techniques in these workshops, all these aspects are drawn together and the whole family will start to benefit.


These monthly talks/workshops will be running from my training/therapy chat in West Somerset and will be covering the autistic spectrum, ADHD, dyslexia, learning difficulties,self harm, PTSD, eating disorders, mental health issues including depression ,anxiety and psychosis, OCD, insomnia, emotional trauma and behavioural challenges.

I look forward to sharing with you as a therapist, author and also a mother.


Cost £15 per person

Refreshments included.

*Dates for 2017*

25 January 7.30-9.30pm

22 February 7.30-9.30pm

22 March 7.30-9.30

19 April 7.30-9.30

17 May 7.30-9.30

14 June 7.30-9.30

19 July 7.30-9.30

16 August 7.30-9.30

20 September 7.30-9.30

18 October 7.30-9.30

22 November 7.30-9.30

13 December 7.30-9.30


** Please note that I am also available to run workshops for schools and academies**img_8310img_9709img_8444img_9546img_0514.

Please email me as usual at info@thrapiesforspecialneeds.co.uk for further details and bookings.


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