New Sensory Room at Foxes Academy

Since September 2015 I have had all my sessions with the learners at Foxes academy moved to a wonderful sensory room. Since 2011 I’ve been used to running between all the houses and treating the learners in their rooms or quiet areas. It is just fantastic to have it all centralised in one place but the benefits to all my fabulous young adults has been just amazing. The walk up to Foxes Fields where the sensory room is located really helps the learners unwind and mentally prepare . They love the beautiful ,gently moving starlights and other special lamps I have in there as well as the furry rugs and beanbags. I replay again and again in my mind their reactions upon first seeing the room – the gasps and wonder at just how magical it feels.

For thirty minutes per week my learners really do get that total time out, that deep and uninterrupted escape from the bustle of chores and the chatter and distractions of life. The improvements to all the sessions and the benefits that have touched each person I have treated there have been noticeable. With some learners I would go so far as to say there has been a 100% improvement .

On a personal level it is so wonderful to see my pioneering work accepted by an outstanding college such as Foxes Academy and to feel it valued to such a degree. I am truly blessed to work in such a magical place where every single person is valued and nurtured to their full potential.IMG_6602

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