Parenting Impossible Podcast Interview – with Annette Hines ESQ Friday 17th April 2020

Yes… poor Annette Hines is still alive after my non stop talking! What a wonderful interview we shared! I loved every tiny weeny split second! I never listen to anything back as I hate hearing myself and would probably never speak again if I did – but here it is! Happy listening! I hope I shared some useful tips. Stay safe everyone and warmest blessings to you all.

You can find more information on Annette’s website here.

Please click here to listen to the podcast.


On a really wonderful note (!!!!!!!!!!) I will be interviewed by Annette Hines ESQ of Special Needs Law Group of Massachusetts PC about my work with children and young adults with autism and other special/different abilities. There will be a link to the podcast which I will publish once Annette has taken 1000 headache tablets to recover because I LOVE talking about these amazing kids, this incredible journey I’ve found myself on and my determined and unswerving belief in it.

“Parenting Impossible _ The Special Needs Survival Podcast is a podcast dedicated to giving compassionate advice for all stages of life. Our conversations revolve around the entire special needs community including those with autism,intellectual disabilities,mental health issues and more. Parents and experts (and sometimes parents who are experts!) discuss a whole host of issues facing the special needs community including raising children with different abilities,transitioning into adulthood, sibling challenges and how to effectively navigate the complex systems in our world.

We offer inspiration,support,expertise and a wide range of discussions that will help you survive and thrive as you support your loved one wth special needs. Imagine yourself having a coffee with a friend and discussing all the important challenges in your life – but your best friend is an expert!

Hosted by Attorney Annette Hines, special needs mom, author of the best selling book Butterflies and Second Chances, national expert speaker,writer and contributor to publications and founder of the Special Needs Law Group based in Massachusetts, Annette has regular guests that include experts in the field of special needs, siblings that offer stories and survival tips with a positive message.”

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