POSITIVE GROWTH MINDSET WEBINAR for ADHD, ASC Dyslexia Family Resources Belgium 12 October 2020

On Monday 12th October at 12.30pm BST and 1.30pm Belgian/French/Dutch time I am so,so thrilled to be giving a Webinar on encouraging and nurturing a Positive Growth Mindset in our children, particularly for those who have a special/additional need or different ability.

Hosted by the chair of this incredibly motivated ,valuable and driven organisation, Beverley Sinton , I am hoping to reach as many families, carers, TA’s LSA’s teachers, headteachers, doctors and other professionals as is humanly possible because I am quite literally BURSTING with so much scientific, neuroscientific research and proof along with very simple but wonderfully engaging , slightly crazy at times (!!), fun activities and games .

I shall also discuss how just the simple way we can change our language can make such a positive difference. When we grow a positive mindset, it gives you lifetime skills, an emotionally and socially intelligent skills set and therefore helps you to reach your full cognitive potential.

Growing a Positive Growth Mindset not only physically grows our neurological pathways and alters our physical, cognitive brains but it even bridges the gap between school and the future workplace and employability ! Oh I could EXPLODE !!

IQ might get you the job but EQ (Emotional Intelligence) and SQ (Social Intelligence) will get you the promotion.

The team players, team builders ,the people builders,the thinkers outside the box and the problem solvers are the way forwards in a future rich, global community of inclusion .


“What fires the brain wires the brain .” (Rick Hanson,PHD)

Every day our minds build our brains.

Our brains don’t build our minds.

Therefore what we tell our children is what they become. 

Links to this event will be posted on here very soon and across all my social media platforms. Cant’ WAIT to see you there and share SO much !!