Organised by the fabulous Anna Kennedy OBE, all the ambassadors and patrons of the charity recorded or photographed themselves dancing and wrote how dancing makes them feel. In fact everyone whoever and wherever you are, are invited on the last Friday of every April to celebrate the Step In The Right Direction Autism Dance Day.Large numbers of special needs and mainstream schools are encouraged to organise dance events to raise funds for Autism. In its first year the charity received UNESCO Patronage.

I even had a little sing too!

One of my poor sons was laughing at how I begin my working day!!
He had the very trying job of choosing the best behaved photos… always a tricky one where I’m concerned !!!
And all before going to school!

We all know the positive benefits of dance for those with autism.
Anyone can join in whether they’re autistic, live or work with autistic people or simply to have fun and raise money for this wonderful cause.

Dancing is one of my HUGE “guilty” pleasures. To the point that I actually keep a pair of silver dancing shoes at the foot of my stairs because I never know when the moment will seize me!

This is how dancing makes me feel …
“Ever since I was a tiny girl I’ve seen the world and people in colours. Yellow is the ultimate for me as it means total joy. When I dance I feel bright yellow,free and I’m just undiluted Giuliana.”

Click on the charity website link below and click on the Autism Dance Day tab on the “Campaigns” section of the menu where you will find Anna and all the team dancing for autism and saying how it makes them feel too ….
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