Summer School Wellbeing Sessions for The West Somerset Academies Trust

It was so exciting, rewarding and humbling to  have been invited to run therapy/wellbeing sessions for the Free Summer school holiday activities for The West Somerset Academies Trust. I was absolutely over the moon !!


It was so delightful, joyous and fulfilling to share so many self help “superpower” tools and techniques along with some science and tonnes of fun with all the children,aged 9-13,many of whom had different abilities, SEN, challenges or whose families are below the breadline. Some children were there because their parents/carers had to work.


Everyone got involved, including staff, which was just so lovely and heartwarming . I left lots of Positive Growth Mindset activities and resources behind too for teachers to use in I.E and detentions as a positive way to manage anger, emotions and emotional/social intelligence in addition to some of the self regulation tools we shared during the live sessions.


It is a dream come true for me to see my work spreading to just so many schools now, helping both students and teachers alike. I really hope the children enjoyed it all as much as I did ( they were quite impressed with my headstands !) and that they’ll take what they shared with me back to school in September to build a more inclusive, motivated ,calmer and more emotionally intelligent classroom environment.

It was heart lifting to help both students and teachers alike and to see the bonds grow.

Lots of laughter had by all … pure serotonin !

It’s what I work so hard and so tirelessly for. So happy !!