Giuliana Wheater brought her technique and enthusiasm to ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium last year to give Indian Head Massage training to our group. Her method is simple and her teaching was well paced. By the end of the course, we were all well-versed in her technique from her step by step instructions. Even more than that, every participant’s face was visibly more relaxed at the end of the 2-day course, if not glowing. We renamed the weekend the Bliss Workshop. We wholeheartedly endorse this technique and Ms Fenwick. We have seen the positive affects in our community and ourselves. Some of us end each tutoring or coaching session by giving an Indian Head Massage to our clients, and they go home more alert and balanced as a result.

– Joanne Norris, Education Chair, ADHD ASC & LD Belgium

mindOn first meeting Giuliana, it was clear that she had an in depth understanding of people with Aspergers and the benefits that therapy can have. Although, my team and I had already received training in Indian Head Massage, we were impressed by how Giuliana was able to introduce a subtle technique with touch that enabled the recipient to become very relaxed and calm. We have taken this approach into our own work in the Mental Health System and believe the patients to have found it very beneficial.

Such LogoGiuliana’s training was insightful, very thorough and engaging to all involved. Her passion for her work and the people she helps is inspiring and I would have no hesitation in recommending both her treatment and her training to anyone I should meet.

It is our aspiration to expand our work to adults on the autistic spectrum, and we are very grateful for the help and guidance Giuliana has given us in trying to achieve this goal.

– Maggi Rowan, SUCH Project – Part of MIND in Taunton and West Somerset

At Foxes Academy we have noted the real benefit of a particular style of head massage.

Giuliana Wheater has been giving head massages to learners with anxiety or ADHD at Foxes for the last two years. The techniques she has developed especially for this group, calms and relaxes, enabling young people to slow down and think more clearly. At our Ofsted inspection, inspectors were impressed by the obvious impact that therapy is having on learners’ self esteem and their ability to progress. Ofsted liked the diverse range of therapy offered to our learners. Giuliana, whose work has already been recognised by the National Autistic Society (see Autism Now magazine), would like to train others, directly involved with young people with learning disabilities. Through training other professionals, there is the opportunity to make a real difference to more young people’s lives.

As Principal of Foxes Academy, I readily and happily endorse the talent and professionalism of Giuliana and highly recommend that colleges make the most of the opportunity to enrich their offer by investing in staff therapeutic training. Giuliana’s has made the single biggest impact to our students in the past year.

– Sharon Bowden, Principal, Foxes Academy


I have received a number of sessions from Giuliana and would like to share the benefits of.

I have previously been experiencing a lot of physical and emotional tension, particularly in my shoulders and back with associated feelings of sadness and anger.
Each session is a lovely experience, the aromas used are so relaxing and Giuilianas’ manner and approach eases the process of relaxation too. During the session, this is continued and the massage is both stimulating and releasing. After, I have experience a deeper sense of release from both the physical and emotional stressors and the cumulative effect has lasted and is built on with each session I receive from her and I look forward to continuing my time with Giuliana.

It is a pleasure to share the experiences I have and I highly recommend the trust required to have a session with Giuliana. It is sheer joy from a very special person!

– Lisa Masters, Foxes Academy

Many thanks again for such a wonderful course. My sons are loving their massages…X likes “chop chop” the best and Y loves “candy cane”. X’s school teacher was very excited when I happened to mention the course at Parents’ evening last night. Her words were …”Wow, there are LOADS of kids who I’m sure that would be great for…I’m going to chat to the Head about it !”.Another nice bit of feedback for you …My son with OCD has now dropped off to sleep on his own after his massage within half an hour for the last five nights…This is UNHEARD of ! He has taken up to three hours some nights previously with often huge meltdowns…and I’ve never been able to leave his room before he’s asleep until now. I’m so grateful you shared such lovely techniques which have been so helpful.

Louisa Hetherington.

Such a fantastic Indian Head Massage for Special Needs Course ! I was already trained as an Indian Head massage therapist but so loved Giuliana’s course as it gave me the confidence to go “off piste” and follow the needs of my clients’ needs for that moment. Listening to their story and”song”and sharing their treatment . A gorgeous course … enjoy !!

Niki Blake

It was with immense pleasure to have been accepted onto the Rainbow Kids Instructor Course. The course was in great depth, great fun and totally amazing. Giuliana’s knowledge,passion and total commitment to this beautiful work has left me with so much joy in my heart knowing that it will open so many doors for children in a way that I will now be able to contribute and make a difference under her guidance.

Peter Creech

Giuliana has helped so many and has certainly helped my family. She has given me the best gift ever in “sharing” Reiki with me ( I know she dislikes the word “teach”!) We are so lovingly appreciative! Jasper is now five months without an admission to hospital.It is the longest we have had out of hospital since he was four months old. I am so hooked .Jasper and Ella have been having regular Reiki and massage and I am now giving lots of treatments as part of my work in the care community also.

Michelle Allen Coombes

My nine year old daughter Anouska suffered from stress, Anxiety and nervousness resulting from her changing schools, she wouldn’t let me out of her sight, she wouldn’t go and play with friends, she became OCD, we couldn’t watch the news as it was so upsetting to her, She’d have re-occurring nightmares so wouldn’t get a full nights sleep, everything was a worry to her.

I saw an advert in the parish magazine advertising Giuliana and her Indian Head Massage for children with stress and anxiety disorders, so booked Anouska in as I wasn’t getting any help from the NHS or school. I have to say I started seeing immediate improvements. after only a few sessions she was almost back to the happy little girl she once was and I could start living again without my little bodyguard by the side of me 24/7. Anouska now 11, has got to a point now where she doesn’t need regular massages only top up ones when that little bit off stress enters her life, like the year 6 SATS. We as a family are so grateful to Giuliana and her Indian head massage, she has changed our life as we were near breaking point, we would highly recommend this treatment and its excellent results to help support any child through the difficult emotions of life. THANK YOU.

– Annie Leader


My son Joachim suffers from autism and type 1 diabetes, and was suffering badly at his mainstream school (there are no special schools available in our remote rural area) from sensory overload which in turn affected his diabetes, as adrenaline interferes with insulin absorption, meaning joakim was frequently severely ill with high or low blood sugar readings. He began massage treatment with Giuliana, and from the very first session benefited enormously, with the holisitic relaxation and subsequent knock-on benefits of feeling of general well-being, meaning he was able to cope better with his challenging school day, and the loss of excess adrenaline bringing his diabetes under better control. He is a different boy when undergoing Giuliana’s therapy, happier, healthier both in mind and body, able to cope better with disruption to routine in his days, as autistic children rely on routine for a sense of security, able to concentrate more fully for longer periods of time, as the therapy aids his insulin absorption due to reduced levels of anxiety. I would thoroughly recommend Giuliana’s massage therapy for the conditions my son suffers from, it made a world of difference to his quality of life and general happiness…… what every parent wants for their sick or disabled child.

– Anne Osterlind

I met Giuliana through West Somerset School, they recommended her to see my son who has ADHD, unfortunately I could not persuade my son to try the Indian Head Massage. But I spoke with Giuliana several times and told her about Foxes Academy where I worked with young adults with learning disabilities, she asked me if I could mention the Indian head massage, which I did. Giuliana then started working with some of our students, and really noticed a difference in their behaviour within 4 weeks, they were more positive and a lot calmer. She then started working with the staff, once a week, I really enjoyed the half hour session, it took about 5 weeks until I walked into her room and had had a really difficult morning, she mentioned straight away that I appeared very stressed, which I was, I actually felt all the tension leave my body, it was surreal. I continued to have the Indian Head Massage every week after that and as soon as I left the room it felt like a weight had been lifted. My students so looked forward to having an Indian Head Massage with Giuliana, she made a real difference to my life and theirs. I have known Giuliana for a few years and watched the journey her son has taken through school, she has been fantastic, her techniques have worked amazingly, I don’t know anyone else that has managed to keep their son in mainstream school and achieve the results that he did. She is was amazing lady and an awesome friend , I feel so privileged that I have met Giuliana and that she has made such a difference to my life.

– Michelle Ogden

About a year ago, An amazing Lady, came into our lives, Giuliana Wheater was recommended to me, as I have A 57 year old, Downs son David, who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, heart and various other problems,and I was finding it more and more difficult, to cope, Giuliana , came to our home, and treated David and myself, to a wonderful relaxing Indian head massage, we both felt so much better, and relaxed, and had a great nights sleep, we continue to have treatment, as often as possible,and my son is, much easier to care for, I am sure that the treatments, have been a great benefit, to both myself and my son.

– Pauline Gatland

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all, especially Giuliana, for the amazing workshop. It truly is life changing for me. Thank you all for helping to plan and make this happen. Thank you Giuliana for sharing and teaching your knowledge with us all, with your generous heart, soul and positive energy! For making this available to those who will benefit, including myself!

– Emerita Joachain

Thank you so much Giuliana. You are very inspiring. I already wrote a story of my life about my song. I loved the idea of the song.

– Emilia Jarvis

Giuliana’s treatments are absolutely amazing! I feel so calm and happy after I’ve had one and at peace with myself, nothing is too much trouble and she always makes you feel welcome and puts you at ease straight away. Her treatment room has a lovely calming feeling to it and after you’ve had a treatment you feel like you could take on the world and just so much happier in yourself. I recommend her to everyone!! She’s always happy to talk to about anything you’ve seen or felt and has years of experience and knowledge to share with you should you want or need it.

– Katy Brown

Tamra had been repeatedly pulling out her eyelashes for getting on for two years. After trying various ways to overcome this – all to no change in ” habit” I was becoming increasingly concerned for Tamra as to why she continued. Although having known Giuliana as a friend I was also aware of how her massage techniques had very positive outcomes. I contacted Giuliana regarding Tamra having s treatment and after just one session Tamra’s eyelashes came back and there has never been any pulled since. Her sleep patterns also greatly improved. I was absolutely amazed and relieved . I then decided I would like to have a session myself with Giuliana as I had been quite low and my immune system seemed to be effected. I was quite emotional for a couple of days after the treatment and Giuliana reassured me that this was quite normal and to drink plenty of water and not over exert myself and to contact her if I felt I needed to talk. After a couple of days it was like I felt a big weight had been lifted from ” within ” me and off my shoulders.

– Claire Cadman

It’s only Saturday and already I feel I’ve got more than my money’s worth for your workshop. Thank you for your warmth, enthusiasm and compassion – may your wonderful work spread far & wide, helping children and all find their song again!

– Nina Zole

Dark-West-Somerset-College-Logo-150x150We have been supremely fortunate to have Indian Head Massage as part of the holistic curriculum we offer at our school. Many students have benefited including those who are struggling with anxiety, those who have sensitivity difficulties, those on the autistic spectrum, those who suffer from ADHD and who display challenging behaviours, those who have eating disorders, those who suffer from migraines and many, many more.

One student reported that for the first time the noise in his head had gone and he experienced quietness. Another reported that “the head massage itself is extremely calming, relaxing, and puts you in a better mind space for the days and months ahead.” This student also reported improved concentration. Another talked of feeling more positive to be able to achieve great things. The most particularly noticeable feature is the feeling of calmness that the majority of students report having had an Indian Head Massage session. It is truly remarkable and beneficial experience fr all of our students.

– Gaynor Comber
Principal at the West Somerset College

… And some feedback from young people at the schools and specialist academies where Giuliana has worked.

For the first time in my life I could hear the quiet.

– Kieran, paranoid schizophrenia sufferer from childhood – under medication.

From the very first session I didn’t feel the need to cut myself. Giuliana didn’t make me talk. It’s the first time I’ve had a therapy where I didn’t need to talk. She took my pain away and made me feel peaceful and safe.

– Hannah, history of depression, anxiety and self harm

I love seeing Giuliana because she makes me feel like I’m at the bottom of the ocean and I’m peaceful and quiet.

– Callum, severe anxiety, learning difficulties and severe allergies and excema

When Giuliana massages me I can go anywhere and be anything. It’s beautiful.

– Andrew, autistic

From the first treatment I felt less anxious and more clear. My OCD symptoms felt much more manageable. It was sheer bliss.

– Chloe, OCD sufferer

Giuliana has really helped me with my anorexia. She made me open up and get to the bottom of it all, the reasons why I became ill. She put me in charge of my sessions so that I am in control and I’m safe. I feel like I’m Working with her. It is amazing.

– Georgina, eating disorder

From the first couple of sessions I could think more clearly, focus and remember stuff much better then before. Giuliana kept telling me that some of the best creative people are dyslexic and some very famous people too.

– Natalie, dyslexic

I look forward to seeing Giuliana every week because I know that after she has given me a massage I will drift off to sleep no problem and I always wake up really happy.

– Sebastian, Downs Syndrome, learning difficulties, poor sleep patterns

I could sleep properly for the first time after having head massage with Giuliana. My mum was so happy she wanted to learn it!

– Harry, ADHD

The thing is I respect Giuliana because she respects me. She makes me feel good about myself. She calms me right down so I can go back into lessons peacefully even when I don’t like them. She shows me things I can do to help myself when I start to get angry. It’s amazing how all the parts of the body do different stuff.

– Lisa, challenging behaviour

Sarah of Espalda Massage wrote a very touching and warming post on her blog after receiving training at my therapy centre on Exmoor. Please click here to read her full post. I thank Sarah immensely for her wonderful feedback and comments and look forward to hearing about how my therapy has added to her work with children in schools.

Thank you Giuliana for the enriching, nourishing and inspirational course I came to. I hope to be able to attend more!

It felt exciting to be connecting with you and your work, resonating deeply … and to be able to share this beautiful way of being with the children I meet. Recalling too your joy and passion enthuses not only in the sharing with others but the importance of giving to self and by doing both life is enriched.


Thank you for the gift of sharing your work … exciting heartfelt times ahead. Hope we can meet again soon.

Danielle O’Reilly.

Myself and a fellow attendee at Giuliana’s Rainbow Kids Instructor Course met a dad dropping his daughter off for a Rainbow Kids Session later that day. He said that “Giuliana and her sessions have transformed my daughter. Since her first session she has slept in her room on her own and the difference is incredible – at home, at school – just everywhere . ”

Nicki Mason

Hi Giuliana.. I have to thank you for the most amazing two days. I have truly met an Angel… I will definitely be back for more courses…I feel like my business is going to change quite dramatically. Thank you from the bottom of my heart… I already have two young mums who want to bring their sons to me.One has recently been diagnosed as autistic and one is non-verbal.I have been telling everyone about your  amazing work and beautiful soul. Your teaching is like a baby that you need to protect and nurture…you wouldn’t just trust it with anyone. I feel so blessed…we will be working together and it will be amazing !”

Sheila Sortwell

You are giving so much joy to Agne ! Thank you ! With you Agne’s life is so much brighter and sparklier!”

Gabriel Vaiciulis, parent to the most gorgeous and talented, clever girl with autism.

Giuliana, it has been life changing training with you because you have given me the courage to pursue a new direction in my career an offer a service I knew was needed but couldn’t envision until I met you . Thank you.

Ashleigh Paddon

Giuliana, I am amazed at how gifted and talented you really really are … honestly cannot thank you enough words don’t do enough !!!! Probably making no sense but bless you, you are a very special lady .

Peter Smith