Following all my free daily therapy and advice tips which I posted absolutely everywhere I possibly could throughout Covid and the Lockdowns, just to reach out and keep people going wherever I could, my work was picked up by the lovely Josie Ortiz of the Autism Family Support Group , a free public Facebook group with a large following.


I am truly delighted to have been invited to share a workshop at 1.30pm GMT with families  and anyone else who is warmly invited, on “The “Power Of Touch”, where I shall be freely sharing tools, tips, lots of  VERY exciting proven neuroscientific knowledge , as well as techniques to self administer and to share on a friends and family basis.

This will be a very empowering and I hope , inspiring, workshop because I really do adore so much sharing all the experience and expertise that I can.


Knowledge is power and when you feel lost or isolated, it is so important to have the tools to be able to cope, survive … and then THRIVE !!

You might not have got the journey you expected but it can still be a very beautiful, rewarding and rich experience.

We really are in this together and as a parent of three out of four neurodivergent children , who were each written off at some stage,  and yet have gone on to achieve more than I could have dreamed of, it will be a pleasure to walk with you all for a while as a real person with a real journey, and not just as a professional of 14 years specialised experience to date.


Places can be booked direct from Josie at the Autism Family Support Group and they are totally FREE of charge.

I look forward so much to seeing you there !