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All sessions are tailored completely around the individual and their needs

Reiki is a deeply beneficial treatment that can be either hands on or hands off. It promotes oxytocin (the hormone of love and nurture), serotonin (the hormone of happiness and confidence), dopamine (the hormone of focus, attention and motivation) and endorphins (pain relief). It lowers heart rate and blood pressure, stimulates the immune system and reduces stress and anxiety. It promotes clear thinking and a deep sense of peace and well-being.

This can be performed either seated or lying down on a massage couch. Essential oils can be used and all treatments are one-to-one. A deep healing is promoted along with clear thinking, confidence and courage. Emotional skills and physical are boosted.

For those with sensory issues and difficulties with touch, this is a very gentle but powerful therapy.

Treatments and Pricing

Reiki 30 minutes – £25 per session
45 minutes – £35 per session
60 minutes – £45 per session

Sessions are delivered in Giuliana’s beautiful therapy and training chalet.

Concessions, loyalty cards and gift vouchers are also available and can be redeemed in advanced when booking a session.

For further information or to book a session, please call Giuliana on 07791 977786 or email