Story Massage

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Bespoke story massage sessions, centred around each child or young adult using a series of massage strokes to tell stories, rhymes and tales. Especially beneficial for the very young, for those with sensory overload or for those who find it difficult to focus or relax.

Story massage helps to grow emotional intelligence, social skills, confidence, well-being, self expression, self esteem, learning abilities, memory and communication. It also helps the individual to feel important, valued, engaged, excited and included.

All individuals begin with a ‘massage menu’ from which they can choose their strokes, which builds trust and confidence. They are encouraged to eventually create their own massage strokes and to name them which promotes expression, communication and empowerment.

Sessions can be one-to-one, small groups or larger groups of up to 10 maximum.

Treatments and Pricing

Story Massage Group Booking (up to 10 maximum) 30 minutes – £10 per person
60 minutes – £15 per person
Story Massage One-to-One 30 minutes – £15 per person
60 minutes – £25 per person

*Zoom/Online/Vimeo/Whatsapp sessions now available .

*Concessions, loyalty cards and gift vouchers are also available and can be redeemed in advanced when booking a session.

*For further information or to book a session, please call Giuliana on 07791 977786 or email