Advanced Level Functional Massage

I am now able to offer a CMA fully approved and certified Advanced Diploma course in Functional Massage/ Additional Needs from my beautiful therapy and training sanctuary on Exmoor .

I am also available to bring this course direct to schools  either as a certificated training day or as a workshop. (Travel and accommodation costs must be covered. ) Please email me for further details and costs.

Previous level one training in My Indian Head Massage for Special Needs is a prerequisite.

This advanced course includes proven , deeper scientific research into this therapy on physical, mental, emotional and  academic levels.

Once you have shared this course with me, you have a warm and open invitation to join me on future course dates for just £50 for the whole day to refresh and add to your skills set as I really do want this work out there to the very best of your ability and confidence. The techniques are always growing and expanding so it keeps us all on top of my ongoing research and growth. It is so important to be continually growing in this work so that we are always fresh,knowledgable and passionate in all we bring to those who we are working with,whether they are children, adults, staff, parents or other professionals . You can also get a 10% discount from Mary Atkinson’s Story Massage courses if you have trained with me… and vice versa if you have trained with Mary and now would like to train with me !The CMA will also give you a 10% discount as I am a teacher/college member with them.

Further nurturing massage techniques are taught along with ways to grow this very beautiful , gentle but powerful massage on so many levels  and for so many different environments and abilities.  It also goes deeper into emotional intelligence  which is vital for IQ and our ability to learn and grow. It is a scientific fact that our physical and emotional wellbeing are closely linked to ability to learn effectively. This course includes emotional intelligence within the classroom, as well as  within each  child , linking cognitive with emotion and  science with feeling.  Emotions and emotional intelligence are key to learning.

For many children and young adults with different or special abilities, stress hormones are naturally much higher than for their peers.  The  fear of failure combined with not understanding/ coping will often lead to meltdown or switching off  because emotion will always win out over cognition. It is here too that  this work really does reap huge rewards., not just for the child but for the entire class environment.

This is  especially important in an age where employers are now looking at emotional intelligence as much as at exam grades . Every child and young adult has a gift, a talent, an ability, however ” different ” they are and every voice and ability should be included at school and within the workplace.  We all have something to ‘ bring to the table ‘. Our future needs to be inclusive of everyone – the great thinkers and innovators have so often been those who are on the spectrum or who have a different ability.

Skills are expanded and a more extensive knowledge and understanding are shared in this very practical , visual course with lots of opportunity to refresh and cement  level one learning surrounding different abilities such as autism, dyslexia, LD’s, ADHD, dyspraxia, OCD and other additional or special needs.

Physiological, scientific and neuropsychological  facts and research are shared, along with extra massage techniques and case studies  as we explore further into mental health including conditions such as PTSD , trauma, depression and anxiety  to name but a few,  along with how to tailor the massage techniques for  younger  children.

Full certification , folders , lunch and all refreshments  included.

* It is only with this Advanced level that independent teaching of this massage via workshops to others  ( under my name and Therapies For Special Needs ) as well as a link to my website are happily granted ,  as this is my protected work.

£200 per person face to face training

£150 via Live Zoom Link if travel is an issue.
Time: 10am – 5pm.

Accommodation :  I can highly recommend the following lovely places to stay:

The Cottage,High Street, Porlock, Somerset TA24 – 01643 862996 (Chris and Clare Gladstone) from £45 per night with a breakfast that is the talk of the town!

Rosebank Cottage, High Street, Porlock TA24 – 01643 862728

Lovely annexe in Porlock ; Treetops,2, Hawkcombe View, Doverhay,Porlock,Somerset TA24 8NB Tel Sue on 01643.862.312 or 07886 818063

Myrtle cottage,High Street Porlock TA24

Gorgeous Beachside Suites, Minehead Call Stephanie 01643 818743 or 0774 100 2407 or

Beautiful Dunster Beach Huts Call Daniel 07561 699805

There are also some wonderful campsites nearby : Burrowhayes Farm 01643.862463, Sparkhayes Camping Site 01643 862470 and Porlock Caravan Park 01643 862269 : go to homepage and click on Porlock : there are some gorgeous and very reasonable places to stay.

For a very beautiful special treat the Locanda On The Weir,Porlock Weir with stunning views across the bay and the most wonderful Italian evening dining – 01643 863300 (Cindy and Pio)


Full certification, the recorded Zoom link as well as extra diagrams, research and statistics will be sent onto all participants following completion of the course.

A very substantial fully illustrated manual will also be sent to you so that you are immediately prepared for workshops on different abilities, family workshops and inset day sessions.

All this as well as all the new techniques and all the proven researched neuroscientific proof behind it all.

As with all my courses, you can never get rid of me as free ongoing mentoring and advice is available to you whenever you need it, from client advice to help with putting a workshop together or approaching a school. There is no time limit to this mentoring and I keep in regular touch as I develop new techniques to add to this continually growing work.

Please have a “body” to work on for the training day.

I also teach how to bring the advanced massage techniques and training knowledge to your own online sessions as part of the course as well as everything you need to host your own workshops. How to deliver sessions via Zoom is also part of this training.


Unfortunately this course is not available to purchase online.

Early booking highly advisable.

All you need is a “body” to work on if you are attending this training through Zoom.

Bodies will be readily available if you train with me at this level face to face ! A massive lunch and all refreshments are  also included if you are attending face to face.

If after attending via Zoom you wish to come for a day at my Therapy/Training Centre complete with lunch as well as practising and cementing in all we have shared, you are welcome to come at a pre-arranged time for a small cost of £50. This day will be CPD certified.

2023 DATES
25th February 10am-5pm
1st April 10am-5pm
2nd August 10am-5pm
2nd September 10am-5pm
4th November 10am-5pm