I actually DID have to do a HUGE headstand of joy after being invited by Anna Kennedy OBE to write weekly beginner’s therapy articles for her online charity website during Covid – It’s true!

I will be writing an introductory article on therapies such as massage, story massage, yoga, kids yoga, yoga for autism, mindfulness, gratitude, meditation, sound therapy, simple activities to explore emotional intelligence and build new positive neurological pathways as well as relaxation…to name just a few! Each weekly article will also discuss the scientifically researched and proven benefits of each therapy along with a video to accompany it! ( which can also be found on my YouTube channel – see Home Page for icon).

It is an enormously massive joy and fulfilment for me to be doing this to help Anna and her team support mental, emotional and physical health during these challenging times. My heart always feels like bursting when I can reach out further and further into our global community. I feel so blessed.

For more information, please click here to visit Anna’s Website.