Work Experience Student

What an honour to be asked by Ebony Jewel ,who is currently in her third year at Aberystwyth University in Wales , if she could do her work experience with me. Ebony is reading Psychology and is in the process of writing her final dissertation. I have shared work experience with lots of students from various schools  but this is my first university student. And the first time I have shared with a work experience student during a pandemic!

But in my determined world there is ALWAYS a way !


Even though we are still transitioning through Covid and many of my sessions are private , Ebony is still able to attend my outdoor Rainbow Kids group  sessions and all of my online workshops for free.

She is so alive and passionate and nerdy like me about all the incredible neuroscience that goes on behind my therapies that she is just a joy to share with. I was really chuffed too that she has learned information from me that she has not explored or been taught , so it is all adding to what she can bring to an extremely bright future .

I’m so taken by her crazy passion which completely mirrors my own that I am also training her up in all my therapies for free because it will really add to her understanding, knowledge and experience.

I just adore sharing with young people, seeing them find their songs and their gifts and doing everything I POSSIBLY can to help them grow to their fullest potential and SHINE like the stars they are !!

I am a very blessed and lucky lady .