Massage One Day and 2 hour Workshops/CPD

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For those wishing to learn techniques on a “family and friends” basis,  without the need for fully certified (and more expensive) professional training, or for those simply wishing to add some techniques to their CPD, one day workshops could be of enormous benefit. As these are workshops rather than trainings, you would not be insured to practice and charge for this specialised work professionally in schools or other organisation unless full training is taken with me.

No previous experience is necessary.

Some people begin with workshops to help their child/children/adults in their care and surprise themselves by continuing with more formal training later on as they see the benefits and wish to extend this to other families/areas of work.

For others, workshops are complete enough for their needs.

Either way, workshops can be a wonderful place to start.

Lunch, cake, all refreshments and handouts are included on the day.

Discover simple therapeutic techniques and learn about the gentle but hugely beneficial power of touch. Massage techniques are shared which can be used as part of self-care, particularly for families, carers and teachers of children and young adults with special needs and abilities. Simple massage techniques to use for others are also explored, along with the easy to remember scientific and proven neurological research behind them, all in a very relaxed and blissful atmosphere.

Workshops are all  CMA or FHT accredited and  tailored exclusively around; autism, ADHD, ADD, executive function disorder, OCD, Tourette’s, ‘Ticks’, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, mental health challenges including anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, psychosis, self harm, self-esteem and personality disorder, as well as eating disorders, learning differences, global development delay, selective mutism, PDA, emotional issues and behavioural challenges, as well as a whole range of physical, disabilities and illnesses. Emotional intelligence ,social intelligence and meeting each child where they are “at” are also a vital part of all these trainings/CPD days.

One day workshops usually take place in my Somerset-based, beautifully situated and very well equipped  Therapy/Training Centre overlooking the sea or via ZOOM .There are some very pretty and affordable B&B’s close by from as little as £35 per night single occupancy who take such good care of all those who travel to train with me.There are some beautiful camping sites nearby too for the warmer months. Just ask me for details.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like a workshop centred around a particular need or group – or if you would like me to travel to train a group of you . All workshops can be delivered to children, friends and families, care providers, teachers, therapists, schools, special schools, as inset day trainings / one day CPD trainings/workshops to add to your ” tool boxes” , as well as to children’s homes, businesses, organisations, charities or to groups at a venue of your choice.


There are also 2 hour CPD  accredited ZOOM workshops now available !


1 day workshop with lunch, cake and all refreshments – £80.00 per person

2 hour CPD accredited workshops £30 per person


22 February 2019 : Special Massage for ADHD, ADD, EFD & PDA.

1 March 2019 : Special massage for dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia & learning differences.

22 March 2019 :Gentle, tailored massage for anxiety, depression, insomnia and low self-esteem.

29 March 2019 : Gentle, tailored massage for mental health – PTSD and trauma.

12 April 2019 :  Specialised Massage for mental health and how children with “special needs” are more vulnerable to picking up additional mental health issues.

19 April 2019 : Specialised massage for eating disorders/ the emotional and enteric brain (the gut ).

3 May 2019 : Special massage for how we “digest” and “respond” :  Hormones, the second/enteric brain and the emotional brain. Their impact on our mental health and the cells.

31 May 2019 : Specialised Indian head massage for ADHD, ADD, EFD, dyslexia and learning differences.

21 June 2019 : Specialised Indian head Massage for mental health, ASD, ADHD, ADD, EFD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, low self esteem and self harm . How so many ‘special’ children and young adults are 2x to 6x more likely to pick up additional mental health issues when unsupported, particularly through the “one-size fits all” mainstream system. How therapeutic touch and  support deeply benefits.

28 June 2019 : Special Indian head massage for autism.

19 July 2019 : Special Indian Head massage /massage for Autism, ADHD, and learning differences.

27 July 2019 : FHT accredited STORY MASSAGE Instructor Course with Mary Atkinson, co-founder and author of five star rated “Once Upon A Touch”and “Healing Touch for Children.” Open to parents, therapists, other professionals and all those who have trained with me as this is such a hugely beneficial  & valuable skills set to add. Cost £149 per person. 

We are so fortunate to be having Mary here in Somerset . A two hour children’s workshop on the 28th July  10am-midday at £10 per child will also be run by Mary .( See Children’s Workshops.)

Both the training day and the workshop morning  will be held , as with all the other workshops listed here, in the Therapy Chalet, Porlock Hill, Somerset TA24 8QH. To book or for more information please visit the Story Massage website.

2 August 2019 : Special massage for mental health, self-harm : How children and young adults with a special need/ability are 2x to 6x more likely to pick up an additional mental health issue when they are not supported adequately. The deep and proven neurological  and scientific benefits of therapeutic touch and techniques.

21 August 2019: Special massage for autism and ADHD.

22 August 2019 :  Specialist massage for eating disorders and mental health.

28 August 2019 : Special massage for autism, ADHD and learning differences.

6 September 2019 : Gentle but powerful massage for anxiety, depression and mental health.

27 September 2019 : Special massage for Autism and ADHD .

18 October 2019 : Special massage for autism, ADHD and other special needs/abilities .

24 October 2019 : Gentle but powerful massage for PTSD, trauma , self harm and low self-esteem.

15 November 2019 : Special massage for special needs/abilities.

22 November 2019 : Special massage for special needs/abilities .

29 November 2019 : Special massage for autism and ADHD.

    * 2020 dates *

31 January 2020 : Massage for autism, ADHD,dyslexia, special needs/abilities ,PMLD,learning difficulties/differences and mental health challenges/issues

20 March 2020: Specialised Massage for autism, ADHD, dyslexia, special needs/abilities, PMLD ,learning difficulties/differences and mental health issues.

5 June 2020 : Specialised Massage for autism,ADHD, dyslexia,special needs/abilities and learning differences/difficulties,PMLD  and mental health challenges.

22 July 2020 : Specialised Massage for autism,special needs/abilities,learning difficulties/differences ,PMLD and mental health challenges.

10 August 2020 : Specialised massage for autism, ADHD ,dyslexia, special needs/abilities, learning difficulties/differences, PMLD and mental health challenges.

21 October 2020 : Specialised massage for autism,ADHD,dyslexia,special needs/abilities, PMLD,and mental health challenges/issues.

2 November 2020 : Specialised massage for autism,ADHD,dyslexia, special needs/abilities,PMLD and mental health issues/challenges.


10am – 12 Noon Zoom 

CMA CPD accredited. 

No previous experience necessary.


For friends and family or to add to your therapy sessions if you are already a qualified therapist.


How the power of touch can literally help to build your brain, calm your mind and boost your mood, confidence and self esteem.  Techniques to boost sleep along with all those delicious happy and coping neurotransmitters  will be shared,  as well as how to use discreet techniques when caught out by anxiety . I’ve been there myself !

I will also be sharing techniques that can be self administered if someone is wary of touch or if you are offering therapies via Zoom due to current conditions. Self administering has the added benefit too of leading to self awareness, self management and self regulation … all incredibly empowering to yourselves as well as those you are working or living with .

Bear with me though as I get extremely excitable !!


A very hands-on, fun workshop with the neuroscience to back it up !

Please contact me at if you would like to book your place.