Meditation and Mindfulness Workshop

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1 day workshop to promote your own inner calm and peace. Deeply relaxing, guided journeys of self discovery and healing along with beautiful stories, breath work and movement. Let the outside World melt away and travel inwardly to the subconscious and super-conscious to promote health and well being on mental, emotional, physical and neurological levels.

This workshop massively boosts concentration, focus, attention, motivation, emotional intelligence and social skills. It is deeply beneficial for self care and nurture. It is proven that half an hour of meditation is the equivalent to 4 hours of deep and restful sleep which boosts our ability to cope and function and to stimulate our physical well being. This is a beautiful day away from it all.

No previous experience necessary. Please do contact me if you would like a workshop centred around a particular need or group. These workshops can be delivered to children, friends and family, care providers, teachers, therapists, schools, special schools, children’s homes, businesses, organisations, charities or to groups at a venue of your choice.


1 day workshop with lunch, cake and all refreshments – £60.00 per person