Women’s Workshops

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As women, we wear many hats throughout our lives and often within each day. Natural care givers, we are so often someone’s mother, wife, partner, sister or daughter as well as being professionals in the workplace. If we have a child with different abilities, we are also warriors who are scientifically proven to have fatigue levels equivalent to a front-line soldier.

We are often at the bottom of our own lists and can take many years to step in to our own shoes and fill our own space as purely ourselves.

This workshop is a deeply nurturing retreat in itself. It is a blend of stories, readings, music, massage, movement and meditations. It is about empowerment, creativity, expression and finding our voices. It is all done in a safe, gentle, positive and inclusive way. It is about taking time for ourselves and exploring the depths of who we are and all we are yet to be.

No previous experience necessary. These workshops can be centred around particular groups or needs.


1 day workshop with lunch, cake and all refreshments – £60.00 per person