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I am truly so immensely honoured to have been invited to share this valuable online webinar to celebrate World Brain Day!

It takes place from 13h45-15h30 Belgian time / 12.45-2.30pm BST.

This seminar will be exploring “Brain and Mental Health Awareness Across The Lifespan” and is being hosted by ADHD, ASC & LD Belgium, European Brains @Work and Equisito, with myself as the keynote speaker.

Please click on the link above for more information and to book your free tickets for this powerful, impactful, very informative but also fun webinar exploring the strengths that neurodiversity and inclusion bring to our global community.

“What fires the brain wires the brain,” to quote Professor Rick Hanson.

What we tell our children is what they become.

Autistic children , children with ADHD, any child who has a neurodiverse brain, become neurodiverse adults who deserve to bring their passions and gifts to the workplace and to feel seen, heard and included in our society. This webinar will give lots of information and practical advice to teachers,  therapists, employers and other professionals along with parents and families on how to achieve this.