Special Yoga

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All sessions are uniquely personalised and tailored

Yoga promotes a deep peace, calm and stillness of the mind. Particularly beneficial to individuals with autism, ADHD and other special needs and abilities. Special yoga helps reduce anxiety, depression and mental health issues and helps to manage stress through breathing and mindfulness, thus impacting mood and behaviour.

Yoga is fabulous for balance, coordination and motor planning skills. It encourages emotional regulation, self esteem and confidence, along with concentration, attention and focus, just as with therapeutic touch.

Yoga teaches perseverance, working towards a goal and how to handle challenges in a different and positive way. It helps access emotionally intelligent skills such as compassion, generosity and mindfulness.
Through yoga, mental, emotional and physical strength is built. It is truly accessible to everybody, regardless of age, body shape, need or ability and can be done seated or lying down.

Special Yoga Sessions – from November 2018

Giuliana can offer Special Yoga sessions for children and adults of any ability. These include:

  • Private 1-to-1 Sessions
  • Parents / Carer Sessions
  • Working with families
  • Working in schools
  • Group sessions
  • One day Special Yoga workshops
  • Two day Special Yoga retreats

Treatments and Pricing

Special Yoga Group Booking (up to 10 maximum) 30 minutes – £10 per person
60 minutes – £15 per person
Special Yoga One-to-One 30 minutes – £15 per person
60 minutes – £25 per person

Sessions can be delivered in Giuliana’s beautiful, peaceful, therapy/training studio or in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Giuliana can also deliver sessions in mainstream and special schools, children’s homes and hospices.

Zoom/Online/Vimeo/Whatsapp sessions also available

Concessions, loyalty cards and gift vouchers are also available and can be redeemed in advanced when booking a session.

For further information or to book a session, please call Giuliana on 07791 977786 or email info@therapiesforspecialneeds.co.uk