Children’s Workshops

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Two to two and a half hour workshops during half terms and holidays ranging from colour therapy, art therapy, story massage, meditation and relaxation, aromatherapy, creative and crafts, kids’ cookery, kids’ yoga workshops, crystal kids and nature workshops, plus plenty more. Most two hour workshops are held in the therapy chalet unless otherwise stated and are run by fully certified, DBS checked teachers , therapists and instructors.

Keep an eye out here for details of all workshops as they come in and book online at or by calling 07791 977786. All bookings must be made in advance due to limited places.

The workshops are for all children , of all ages and all abilities whether neurotypical or with a different ability.


The cost is £10 per child and refreshments are provided, however children must bring a packed lunch if it is a morning workshop. Cakes and refreshments included.


Wednesday 20th February 2019

Relaxation Afternoon : 1pm – 3.30pm

Venue: Rainbow Kids at Holistic Therapy Dunster with Kelly May Twiss MFHT

A lovely , warm, nurturing and magical afternoon to share with friends . Story massages, yoga stretches, guided meditations and creative activities all enjoyed at a slow and gentle pace. Each child will bring home with them a ‘calm in a bottle ‘ aromatherapy roll on, blended especially to help them relax and unwind whenever they need it. Kelly is a fully qualified and insured aromatherapist.

All ages welcome. £10 per child including yummy snacks and a gift. Limited spaces available.


Sunday 10th March  2019 

Crystal Kids workshop : 2pm – 4pm

Venue : The Therapy Chalet, Porlock Hill, Near Minehead ,Somerset with Mary Smith M.Crys.H.Crystal Reiki Master /Teacher and fully qualified Sound Practitioner of many years experience.

Mary will take the children on a journey about energy which is in every living thing and all around us. The workshop will include how colours make us feel, how colours themselves feel , choosing crystals and why you are drawn to those particular crystals along with formation of them and how this can be used.  Mary will share how to make a lovely peaceful space to relax in and will take the children on a beautiful guided meditation. A gift awaits each child who shares this special afternoon . Cakes and refreshments are included .

All ages and abilities welcome. Limited spaces available.


Wednesday 10th April 2019

Yoga for kids workshop 10am – 12 midday

Venue: The Therapy Chalet, Porlock Hill, near Minehead, Somerset.

I will be sharing yoga, mindfulness , breathing and sound with the children. Gentle , meaningful yoga stretches and releases to stimulate our happy hormones and coping chemicals,  fun yoga poses to massage our digestive systems and internal organs, open our lungs and diaphragms and to stimulate the brain as well as personal and inter-personal awareness.

There will be some really fun and engaging yoga kids games and relaxation. Sound with the breath and sound with the poses will be shared along with some tibetan bowl playing which the children are invited to also share .

Much scientific research into the healing power and benefits of sound has been long proven, most notably by the best selling author  of ‘The Hidden Messages of Water ‘ and  leading Japanese scientist, Masau Emoto . He undertook experiments for years to prove that water which had positive words or beautiful lullabies, classical , relaxing music or tibetan bowls formed the most stunning crystals whereas water that was put near televisions, microwaves, pollution, negative words or heavy metal music formed misshapen , deformed crystals. Considering that children are made up of 75% water and adults up to 68% water, this is significant. Tibetan bowls are also proven to relax the pulse down to theta rhythm which is ideal for the body to be in the relax ,rest and repair state of the parasympathetic system.

There will also be a very mindful and deeply relaxing meditation to relax the body, be aware and present in the exact moment to promote rest, focus, concentration along with our bodies filling with the most amazing happy hormones ! Bliss !!

Cost £10 , cake and refreshments included. All ages and abilities welcome. Limited spaces available.