Self Care Workshops

A very close and wise friend of mine, Dr. Martin Williams, who lectured at Edinburgh University for seven years, and with whom I have worked on several occasions, once told me that if we are to truly help grow those in our care, we need to know how to nurture ourselves. He explained that as ‘Star Polishers’, if we don’t polish ourselves we can never truly polish anyone else. In other words, when we nurture ourselves, it enables us to provide the best level of care to those in our charge. Many of us, especially those living with and/or working with children or adults with different abilities can often become so depleted. It is vital that if we are to give the best of ourselves either personally or professionally to those in our care ,that we don’t run on empty. We need to take that important time to re-energise, find that place of peace and to nurture ourselves.

Workshops are usually held in my stunningly situated therapy/training centre on Exmoor in Somerset overlooking the sea. It is a sanctuary in itself, a world away...Or online.

Please do contact me if you would like a workshop centred around a particular need or group. These workshops can be delivered to children, friends and family, care providers, teachers, therapists, schools, special schools, children’s homes, businesses, organisations, charities or to groups at a venue of your choice.

14th-20th March 2022 10am – 10.30am daily








It’s happening !!

After months of chatting, the wonderful Azra Ladora and myself would love to invite you to an amazing FREE masterclass birthing from our collaborative energy and experience.

Sharing 7 x  30 minute self love lessons so you can live more joyfully ! (thereby having more to give others).

As mums with children that have additional needs we want to provide our best,

And the demands are never ending.

Do you experience disconnection from your own needs,overwhelm or burn out ?

Sound familiar ?


To show up in the world as the best and healthiest version of YOU, you need to not only take care of yourself but love yourself wholeheartedly.

It all starts with you !!


It’s all about self love, self compassion, being kind, and cultivating softness towards yourself.

Setting loving boundaries

Quitting people pleasing and forgiving ourselves.

Letting go of expectations.


Loving our children is of course unconditional BUT how do we take care of ourselves in the process?


In order for you to be bursting and overflowing with love from within, it begins inwards.


Together we want to shine light and provide you support with HOW you can start integrate MORE of this.


  1. 30 minute daily lives with access to the group for 21 days to catch up with replays in your own time.
  2. Private Facebook Group so it feels safe and supportive amongst many like-minded mums.
  3. Live Q&A at the end.
  4. Guided meditation to amplify your journey.
  5. Prize giveaway for those who join LIVE and interact.


*Azra Ladora is the creator of Rising To Resilience and a certified Nutrition and Health Coach and Well-Being mentor helping mums reclaim their energy and vitality with simple self-care so that they can overcome their unique challenges with more strength and resilience.


*As for me, as many of you will know, I am an author, writer, multi award winning therapist working with autism,SEN and mental health. Founder of Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Therapies for Special Needs, I’m also an Autism Mum ,teacher, trainer, passionate public speaker, active advocate and Well-Being ambassador for the autism charity AnnaKennedyOnline.