Anna Kennedy OBE Interview for Women’s Radio 9th July 2019

Podcast from this interview has now been posted and is below for you to listen to:

Words cannot express how massively honoured and beyond excited I was to have been invited by Anna Kennedy OBE for an interview on Tuesday 9th July at 1pm on her radio show for Women’s Radio Station.

It was so incredible and impactful to have such a platform from which to help the voices of the children and young adults I so believe in, be heard and valued. It is my life’s passion. It was very inspiring in itself to be with Anna whose work for autism is renowned and recognised. Meeting Anna at the absolutely powerful and emotional Autism’s Got Talent at St Ives on the 29th June, which she organises as part of the Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow, showed her heartfelt and genuine passionate care for young people with autism. It was a joy to be around such energy, belief,motivation and drive. I’m afraid I had to give her a big hug or I would have burst!

After so long of feeling like a lone voice in the dark, setting up my business against all the odds imaginable whilst walking an utterly heartbreaking,at times terrifying and often exhausting path with my son, feeling my way as I went along and fighting against everything I was being told, it feels SO GOOD to be joining my voice with others. It is very important to me to reach through the barriers of negativity and isolation that families of people with different abilities feel and show through my personal and professional journey that there IS hope and there IS so much potential to be unlocked inside each human being… including and perhaps especially those with autism.

The interview was aired every day at 1pm and 1am (for overseas listeners) until Monday 15th July. The podcast of the interview is now above. Thank you so warmly Anna for inviting me !

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