Aston Avery Radio Show Gateway FM 97.8 14th July 2020 Interview with Steven Smith

Please click here to listen to the recorded interview on Gateway FM’s website.

What a special invitation!! On 14th July live from 11am on Radio Gateway FM for the Aston Avery show, I will be interviewed by the amazing Steven Smith who has the biggest heart and does so much to support autism awareness and mental health. The show will be looking at mental health after lockdown.

Other guests include Denise Welch who has just brought out her incredible, brave and honest book, “The Unwelcome Visitor: Depression and How I Survive It” and make up artist to the stars Sherrie Warwick. I would love it SO much if as many of you as possible could tune in!

Steven Smith rose to fame in the late 1990’s and suddenly found himself as a stylist to the stars. He had a column in The Sun newspaper, worked as a TV makeover artist and travelled the world with an illustrious career. He also wrote his autobiography, “It Shouldn’t Happen to a Hairdresser” and was very kind to give me a copy which I shall treasure! He writes blogs, columns and articles to this day along with his radio and charity work.

Aston Avery is an absolutely inspiring and motivational young man who has burst so many myths and negative limitations surrounding autism . With the support and belief of his tight knit and beautiful family , Aston has gone on to be a radio DJ with his own show, is an ambassador for the Anna Kennedy Online Charity and has won many awards for his extensive charity work.