Autism Parenting , Health and Happiness and Closer Magazine

I am very excited to tell you that I have been invited by Autism Parenting magazine to write an article about my therapy and work for their June 2017 issue.

Also coming up are articles for Health and Happiness magazine over their April and May 2017 issues . It is so deeply wonderful to be able to help and touch so many in this way and to see my enormous passion and tireless work for these incredible children with special abilities be valued.

Very excitingly my work and journey with my son, Ollie, are being written about for Closer magazine too ! This is a tremendous way to get my work and message about the children and young adults I work with out into the mainstream. Very often parents and families do not know where to go beyond the diagnosis and drugs route or they become despondent due to the lists of limiting beliefs and ” can’ts ” surrounding a diagnosis. Mine and my son’s message is to never allow others to define you or limit all you can be . There are enormous positives and strengths too . It’s about giving these children a voice.  Ollie is living proof of that and I hope his story will continue to inspire people worldwide , just as my small post about him on the business site Linkedin did in April 2016 when it burst through 40,000 likes and comments.

Most people know or know of someone with autism or ADHD or another special ability but don’t know where to go for support and positive advice. The families as well as the child can become isolated . The thought that someone reading such a strong mainstream magazine such as Closer and coming across an article not just about my work but an article that could bring them  hope or maybe even inspiration , is beyond heartwarming . This is just the start .

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