ZOOM BULLYING WORKSHOP Saturday 10th July 2021


Date : Saturday 10th July 2021

Time : 10am – 11.45am



Take your mental health in hand using self massage, yoga, breathing techniques, positive mindset activities and mindfulness.

Know your RIGHTS and the LAW as well as useful, practical strategies

Bullying can and does profoundly effect lives and even cuts them tragically short.



Hosted by myself ; author, advocate , multi-award winning therapist and Charity Wellbeing Ambassador for Anna Kennedy Online Charity and my absolutely incredible, inspirational daughter, Chiara.


This workshop is extremely close to both of my hearts , as some of you will know, due to recent sad events.

Tragically a young lad and friend of my daughter’s, Corey, had been driven to severe anorexia by his relentless bullies.

Even when he was hospitalised they continued to make his life a total misery by making memes of him called ” stick man ” which they then shared all over social media.

On Friday 11th June 2021 Corey pulled out the drip that was keeping him alive , for the very last time, slipped into a coma and passed away leaving his family and all who loved him absolutely heartbroken.

We were all shattered.

In my fourteen years to date of doing my work, I have never “lost” anyone.

This was the first occasion and I haven’t cried so much in a very, very long time.


So my dedication to mental health, bullying and the welfare of our young people has increased even more  passionately!

I need to grow light, hope from this darkness and to honour the memory of a truly comical, cheeky, mischevious, creative and sensitive young man who had SO much ahead of him.


The cost is just £10 per person with 50% of the proceeds going to Anna Kennedy Online’s anti bullying campaign “Give Us a Break” and the other 50% going towards other charitable organisations working with young people who are being bullied. 


Please email me at info@therapiesforspecialneeds.co.uk to book your place and to receive the Zoom link.


We can’t WAIT to share SO much and moreover to empower you !!!