Donation Day

As many of you know the government has slashed budgets and made it very difficult for young people with learning difficulties or special needs to get funding. This funding helps them to achieve their full potentials and contribute to the workplace in the same way as any young person could expect.

On the 19th June I am donating the whole day’s wage to help young people with learning disabilities. I shall be doing head massages nonstop from 9am until 6pm without a break (18 in total).

For those not enjoying a massage, I would love you to sponsor me either per head (as little as 20 or 50p would be gratefully received) or a flat rate for the whole day, if I last!

If you would like to support this and help those who have little voice achieve a few dreams or goals in the next year, please email me at

I shall keep you informed of the event at every stage.

Please donate generously. These young people are worth believing in.

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