What a delicious honour to be invited as a special guest speaker on 1st June 2020 for a live interview with Michelle Beckett and Stephanie Camillieri of ADHD Unlocked Community for adults with ADHD. Thet are an amazing group doing so much valuable and beneficial work. They have been streaming live FaceBook interviews with “real lives” so I felt really chuffed to be asked.


This is what they had to say …I am including it here because it is very insightful and is useful to those trying to understand and ‘get inside ‘the ADHD mind :

“With Special Guest Giuliana Wheater.

Us ADHDers spend far too much time in our heads and this often leads to us feeling stressed, overwhelmed and unhappy. We find it very difficult to “rest”.

We often avoid resting because this is when we end to be left with our own thoughts and naturally this is something we tend to want to avoid for fear of ruminating.


So… how do we get ourselves out of our own heads ? Some ADHDers exercise intensely.Others of us that arent so keen to physically challenge ourselves prefer a different type of intensity. One that involves less movement on our part, but is just as effective for getting ourselves out of our heads and into our bodies.


It’s massage…


Today we are lucky to have Giuliana Wheater to speak to us today about the benefits of massage for individuals with ADHD and other neurodiverse conditions. A registered teacher with the Complementary Medical Association, Giuliana works within pastoral and SEN sectors at schools, colleges and specialist academies treating young people with “special needs”, including ADHD and ASD. A mother to an autistic son who has suffered with OCD she has a unique perspective and a wealth of understanding and knowledge.


Beautifully nurturing on emotional, mental and physical levels,it is scientifically proven to boost immunity and resilience to stres. It stimulates emotional and social skills along with the “fab four hormones” : Oxytocin (love and nurture), serotonin (happiness and confidence), dopamine (pleasure,focus,motivation), and endorphins (pain relief).


Massage also stimulates melatonin which helps encourage deep and restful sleep patterns. Massage stimulates bonding and trust. It promotes deep peace, calm and well being as he heart rate and blood pressure are lowered. Issues , challenges, anxiety and stress levels are reduces and managed: boundaries start to melt away. The individual can find space to bloom .”


I discussed the positive power of firm touch which many people with ADHD prefer and shared videos to demonstrate my work with dopamine, the happy hormones and coping chemicals, the vagus nerve and melatonin … all so deeply beneficial on a physical and neuroscientific level for those with ADHD. We also had a reall lovely comments and questions session afterwards. I loved it !

Lovely to work with an adult group too !

Thank you warmly for having me !!