West Somerset Radio Interview Friday 21st June and Tuesday 25th June 2019

I was so happy to have been invited back for an interview with Bryan Leaker MBE of West Somerset Radio 104.4FM to talk about Rainbow Kids which I founded in 2016. The recording was aired at 1.30pm on Friday 21st June and then re-run on Tuesday 25th June.

Since I founded Rainbow Kids Touch Therapy and Relaxation, it has grown to spread to schools locally as I have trained teaching staff ,LSA’s and therapists . This work has now caught on up and down the country as my trainings have taken me further afield . I have even begun taking it outside of the UK which is so rewarding as Rainbow Kids crosses all barriers, including non verbal.It is beautiful to watch it grow so rapidly and to unlock the potential of every child in a focused and inclusive way.

My work and therapy chalet were recognised in March 2019 as an official Learning Destination with the Children’s University  and this is the main subject of the interview. I never expected or looked for this ;indeed it came as a wonderful ,happy surprise. For me it is 100% about the children all the way.

The Children’s University wrote to invite me to apply as a Learning Destination after hearing from several headteachers about how many children were doing extra curricular hours with me exploring all that Rainbow Kids has to offer –  and teachers noticing a definite difference to those pupils’ performance within the classroom as a result.

It makes my heart so full to bursting to see how all my hard work and endless hours are reaping such valuable benefits for children of all ages and abilities. It means the world to me have this recognition for my work and for all the children who have helped me to shape it into what is has become. Every child has what I call a ‘point of access’ ; a way in to ease issues and challenges,discover strengths and to unlock the potential of all they can possibly be. Many surprise themselves as they discover all they can do . It is wonderful how this self esteem, awareness, expression and focus then has a collective benefit within the classroom.It’s my personal vow that there is no child I cannot ‘reach’ .

The children and young adults I work with all keep my learning and growth fresh , in the same way that I encourage and invite them to do the same. So who knows what’s next for Rainbow Kids …!

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