Strength Through Vulnerability Podcast 28th September 2020

Please click here to listen to the podcast.

I’m so delighted to have been invited by Tommy Dahlborg to be interviewed for the organisation he founded called Strength Thru Vulnerability. The podcasts he produces are all about sharing the difficult things in our lives ,being vulnerable about those challenges and allowing others to know that they are not alone.

The podcast will take place on Monday 28 September at 6pm BST/1pm EST

Tommy has openly shared his experiences of acute anxiety and OCD .I will be sharing about my own experiences through some incredibly challenging times along with experiences of my son Ollie who has autism , suffered the most terrible bullying at school and college and who also developed acute anxiety and OCD when his dreams and life became so broken . I shall also share stories of other children I have had the immense joy and privilege to work with and talk about some absolutely wonderful, scientifically researched and proven therapeutic tips and techniques to manage ,control and reduce OCD and anxiety.


The link to the interview can be found above . In the meantime if you would like to listen to Tommy’s other incredible,honest and impactful podcasts you can find these on Tommy’s Facebook Page Strength Thru Vulnerability, Strength Thru Vulnerability/Podcast on Spotify, Strength Thru Vulnerability – Mental Health News Radio Network ,  Strength Thru Vulnerability on Apple Podcasts