SENCO Bulletin


My book, ‘Indian Head Massage for Special Needs’, has recently been featured in the March edition of the SENCO Bulletin. I am delighted and immensely proud to be SENCO’s recommended this month and am over joyed that parents and professionals alike are finding my book so useful. To view this months SENCO Bulletin, please click here.

Upcoming articles for publications Spring 2016

It is with massive excitement and happiness that I have found myself being asked to write articles for some very prestigious titles.

The next quarterly issue, ( Spring 2016 ) of the highly respected International Therapist will feature a 1600 word article I was asked to write on indian head massage for young people with special needs. It was a complete joy as well as honour to write this.


Also coming up in the next issue of Optimum Nutrition Magazine is an interview style article I was asked to write about indian head massage , how I adapted it to work with children with special needs , how Ofsted have responded to my work, and how the ancient system of indian head massage and its beliefs hold out when scrutinised by science. I loved writing this one too !

Bath Life Magazine March 2016

My launch and book signing event at Waterstones in Bath will appear in the March 4th issue. The day was very generously covered by the extremely talented Alex Kennedy who was only meant to drop by for twenty minutes and ended up staying for two hours . I might have talked him to death but he wrote me a very lovely email afterwards saying my book and message are inspiring and that it was lovely to see such passion.

For me it is easy to be passionate about the most amazing and inspiring kids and young adults – they have so many gifts and it is just a question of believing in them and working with them on every level to achieve their potentials as their barriers melt away and they focus and produce . My work is so exciting and I discover new results regularly as it grows. It is a joy to me to see the word spreading and to see my therapy being used in schools and academies . It’s why I work so hard . This is a dream come true.

Exmoor magazine

Coming soon will be an article appearing in the very prestigious Exmoor magazine about my work and book. I am massively excited about it. Due in spring 2016.

A follow up will appear later in the year or very early next year reviewing my book. This is a real honour.

July 2015 – press coverage

In July 2015 the local press ran articles covering my fundraising and work . I appeared in the Somerset County Gazette online the week of 8th July and appeared in print the following week. The West Somerset Free Press also ran a separate feature on Friday 10 July. I didn’t even know until a friend called me to say she had bought a copy ! A lovely surprise.

Channel 5 Documentary Series

I am extremely proud to be practising my therapy at Foxes Academy who were the subject of a channel five documentary series “The Special Needs Hotel.” It truly is an inspirational place – somewhere where magic really does seem to happen.

One of the stars of the series , Harriet , later appeared on This Morning and said how her dream would be to open a coffee shop which offers head massage! Please click here to watch the ‘This Morning‘ show.